Quote of the day—Anonymous UW Student

Attending the UW $11,859.00 in base tuition a year, going shooting with friends and tossing the empty wiped down ammo boxes in a string of random open waste baskets inside the Comparative History of Ideas Padelford Hall, priceless. There are somethings money can’t buy, but for everything else there’s trolling Marxists in academia.

Anonymous UW Student
July 18, 2016
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Anonymous UW Student

  1. That’s ALMOST as good as Joe’s idea to “accidentally” spill a bottle of drugstore peroxide outside the TSA screening lines at a major airport.

    ALMOST! 🙂

  2. I like the cut of that young man’s jib. We need a lot more like him.

    • Legally purchased, legally discarded, not littering, no threats any judge would recognize as directed at anyone, what basis could there be for the school to want to stop this income stream? And get all that unfavorable publicity.

      I recall a report some 15 years ago about an un discharged .22lr cartridge found in a storefront doorway resulting in police and SWAT being called out and a city block somewhere being shut down for hours.

  3. Priceless is right. Brought a smile to this old man’s face.
    Good kid.

  4. I like it, but wait; he’s giving at least 12 Grand a year to the enemy? Willingly? The Marxist colleges and universities are at the front lines of the culture war, demoralizing whole generations, pumping out young skulls full of mush. Why give them a golram penny if you can help it? You can learn things elsewhere. You don’t need them. Their degrees are becoming more and more worthless anyway.

    I say skip the enrolment part and just go in to dump your empties now and then. Not only ammo boxes but the occasional spent cases (non reloadable types, shotgun husks, etc.), 30 round AR magazine packaging, parts kit packages, et al. Replace the People Magazines, Time Magazines and such drivel with American Rifleman, America’s First Freedom, Guns & Ammo and copies of Imprimis in all the magazine racks too. Enlist a whole group of students and outsiders to do likewise. When the Marxists lose their shit over it, as they surely will, plead Diversity. If they take action against students, sue them.

    • The true believers in the 60’s and 70’s cut their hair, put on suits and now they run the country. They used our systems against us. I say get your degree from them, then shove everything you’ve learned back at them sideways, like they did.

      Of course that would be hard to do since it would require compromising our morals and values and we would become just like them. You’re right, stay true, stay in the light, truth wins.

      • It can even happen without prior planning. Consider Fox commentator Greg Gutfeld, a libertarian leaning conservative who attended UC Berkeley.

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