Quote of the day—True Israelite‏ @1liberal2a

white men have small dick so they compensate by buying big guns.

True Israelite‏@ 1liberal2a
Tweeted on January 8, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via a tweet from QuackHead/PotterHead ‏@Duck_Hunter7.—Joe]


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  1. Man, that’s insightful. One thing about Markley’s Law Mondays: I am astonished by the firm grip these people have on motivations that other people– whom they’ve never met– have for their actions. I’m sure it’s just the character-limit on Twitter. If this person could expound on this thought, say as a blog post, why, I’m sure we would be blown away by their acumen.

  2. Yeah, that must be why I like my S&W 66 snubby. One I inherited from my sister-in-law, come to think of it. Or my NAA mini.

    • I own both of those too! Cool guns!

      I also went to a LOT of trouble to own a Kahr PM45 in Massachusetts for the simple reason that it is one of the smallest .45 semi-autos on the market.

  3. joe:

    you ever wonder why some of these people seem so intimately familiar w/ the size of gun owner’s cocks? my guess is that they are intimately familiar w/ the size of the male cock, because they are so intimately familiar w/ cocks, having had a fair number of them right in their faces. just my guess.

    john jay

    • My guess is that it’s simply an insult that they find satisfying when they get frustrated trying to compete with those who deal in facts, logic, and principles. I doubt they have any peer reviewed papers supporting them nor have they done their own research on the topic.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me when liberals proclaim they are more “enlightened” or better educated than conservative gun owners then resort to sexually-oriented insults when they have no cogent arguments or opinions to add to the conversation.

    This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise given a recent article in the Washington Beacon. The dating site OkCupid analyzed word associations between 190,000 self-identified liberals and conservatives. They found conservatives are more interested in the outdoors and the gun range while liberals prefer “museums, yoga, and crying.” See the link below. If you want the details (which can be amusing despite the somewhat graphic language) click on the “Words and Politics” link in the Beacon article.


    • They cannot be smarter or more “enlightened” than typical, red-blooded, patriotic and conservative Americans. They hold utterly silly world views like communism/socialism works as an economic system despite human proclivities; that sexual identity has nothing to do with the chromosomes or the equipment, but rather on a mood; that man’s CO2 activities are so pronounced that we can destroy the Earth by not driving a Prius; or that gun control aimed squarely at the law-abiding will impact criminals and terrorists.

      Democrats have crap for brains. Look at the cities under their utter control and you will see desolation, destruction, death, corruption, and hopelessness.

  5. This is a really good one– Racism, sexism, bigotry, childish insult and general opposition to human rights, all in one sentence, from one who has a pretentious screen name and bad grammar.

    Gotta give credit where credit is due; it covers all the Progressive bases very efficiently.

    Are we sure it’s not parody? (I know; it’s often difficult or impossible to tell the difference)

    • I don’t consider the screen name to be just pretentious, but also anti-semitically bigoted. The phrase, “True Israelite” to me is a reference to the so-called British Israelites, who viewed the British Isles as the final destination of the ten lost tribes of Israel who were therefore the people who were truly chosen by God.
      He is just another evil anti-Jewish Leftist looking for a way to impose a thuggish dictatorship on everyone else..

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