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I started writing about such instances of “lying for justice” 20 years ago, and it has only gotten worse.

I don’t think people appreciate how pernicious and widespread this crowdsourced totalitarianism really is. Routine lies in the service of left-wing narratives are justified in the name of “larger truths,” while actual truth-telling in the other direction is denounced as hate speech or “triggering.”

Jonah Goldberg
June 10, 2016
Liberals go to extremes to start a dialogue.
[H/T Walla Walla TEA Party Patriots.

We need to stand up to these lying totalitarians. Confront them, shame them, and tell them they can either tell the truth or be publically disgraced.—Joe]


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  1. Increasingly, I just refuse to be engaged in the conversation. Invariably “the conversation” has something to do with running my life and I just tell them it’s none of their business. That needs to become a mantra.

  2. They KNOW that they are lying. WE know that they are lying. The issue is that the general clueless public with the attention span of a flea (look, SQUIRREL….) hears and sees only the lies that hit them in the face FIRST and aren’t really interested in followup explanations or refuting facts. And unfortunately they form opinions based on those first lies. And the left KNOWS this, which is why having control of the Mass Media is so important.
    How many people outside of our dedicated pro-Liberty few actually take the time to read responding comments or a refuting piece that gets published 2 days after the initial lie?
    I don’t know the solution to the problem. All I know is that the left has a REALLY good control on the propaganda machine……

  3. You can’t shame them – they are shameless. They think they are doing something in the name of a greater good, “larger truth,” and don’t care if you can call them a liar and point out the falsehoods they spout, because that makes them feel bad and that (by definition) makes YOU the bad person, the hater, the one who wants to make Good Guys ™ like them suffer.

    Truth is no defense for your hate-crime of making them feel bad. Neither context nor intent will keep you from being feared and reported. And if they misunderstood you? Well, then that is YOUR fault because you should have chosen your words more wisely.

  4. Recently a judge told the Justice Department to do remedial ethics training for its lawyers because they had been caught lying to the court.

    The JD pushed back on the grounds that this “would interfere with the normal operation of the Department”. In other words, they view lying to judges as being part of their normal day to day operation.

  5. The more things change, the more they stay the same. These tactics are ancient. Crowdsourced, social media, so what. Same evil, same tactic.

  6. This is but one more thing the Progressives and the jihadists have in common.

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