7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Geezum

  1. Their safe space would preferably be someplace other than North America. North Korea is probably one of the most “safe” places on Earth, by the Progressive definition.

    I have to repeat the question; With our constitution and Bill of Rights, how is it that those who continue to peck away at our foundation and human rights are allowed to walk around free? Aren’t they criminals by any reasonable definition? Enemies? Traitors? Seditionists?

  2. Rats fouling their own nest. They move out when it becomes unbearable and then start the process all over again.

      • Californians in Idaho. They flee their home state because it sucks so bad, crime rates are high and things are too expensive. They come here and then try to recreate their home state. It is a form of plague.

        They don’t know what they’re trying to create here any more than they knew what they’d created down there. They shit Progressivism all over the place and then act confused as to why it stinks.

        We need state-to-state border control and an assimilation program I guess.

        • As a southern NH resident, I recognize that effect. We get them too; they are known as Ma**holes.

        • Got a family here that did that too. Moved from CA for the ‘country life’ and immediately started clear cutting the woods and putting up ‘No Trespassing’ signs around the creek that my kids (and wife before them) had played in for years.

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