The political currency of the left

As everyone expects May 1st is a day of violence in Seattle:

Hurling rocks, bricks and even Molotov cocktails, anti-capitalist protesters clashed with police in downtown Seattle Sunday, as May Day mayhem erupted again following a peaceful march.

By 10:30 p.m., at least five officers had been injured and at least nine people had been arrested, Seattle police reported. One injured officer suffered a gash to his head when he was struck by a rock.

Police said Monday that all five officers were at home recovering from their injuries.

The city unleashed a massive deployment of police officers in riot gear — on foot, on bicycles, on horseback and in vehicles — to control the crowd of dozens of masked-protesters who began massing in Westlake Park for the unpermitted march shortly after 5 p.m.

This is across the street from where I used to work. I’m glad I don’t work there anymore.

As soon as they started lighting up the Molotov cocktails I would have given the green light to the snipers. But this is Seattle and they like communists.

Notice they call them “anti-capitalists”? They want to avoid associating lawless, violent, behavior with their political leanings.

These people can’t win a debate with ideas. The can’t demonstrate a better way of life in the places their ideas have been implemented. What do they have left? Violence. It’s the political currency of the left. And it’s why we need our guns.


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  1. The rights to protest, gather and speak are fundamental to a free society. Devolution into mindless violence is not. I agree that order should have been maintained. Additionally, I feel that in many cases, violence in the street would be short lived if immediately faced with more concentrated and focused violence. Arson is not acceptable. Try to burn me or my house and there is a better than even chance that I will shoot you. It’s just that simple.

    I don’t like advocating such a response from the .gov because of the old adage that if the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail…

  2. Submitted for your consideration: Festivities should commence with a ceremonial dramatic reading of the Actual Riot Act, followed by the solemn presentation of (2) each rounds of pink rubber buckshot to each officer, balance of the loadout to be standard issue. Hospitals to be on alert for foot and leg wounds. Crutch and wheelchair protest march to follow. Or-just borrow a Texas Ranger.

  3. If someone is masked on a American city street and advancing upon you, and they’re not a firefighter responding to a fire or an EMT carrying an aid bag and it is not Halloween, it would be reasonable to assume hostile intent.

    Frankly, being masked at a ‘protest’ or a ‘rally’ should be probable cause, as history has demonstrated repeatedly. If Seattle PD decides next year to blow off any ‘guidance’ from the political leadership of the city and contain, book, and search any May Day gathering of people with any masked individuals in it, followed by appropriate charges and a fricking “here’s the junk we found” press conference, I’m having a hard time thinking that they wouldn’t have lawsuit-proof justification.

  4. I fully support the rights of peaceful assembly and protest. When they turn into planned riots it’s time to lock shields, ready swords in the front rank, glaives in the second rank, and rifles on elevated platforms to the rear. Medical care to be provided only upon complete control of the situation.The riot would be contained with minimal property damage and not much in the way or a repeat performance.

  5. Joe,

    I saw I “Workers Unite!” billboard with hammers-and-sickles on it on my drive back across the country. Somewhere in southern Minnesota if I recall correctly. Caught my attention for sure. Nothing wrong with free speech, foolish and misguided as it might be.

    Same applies for the kid that stepped into an elevator in Englewood, OH wearing a Che T-shirt. I almost said something to him about that along the lines of “You know the person on your shirt was a thug and a murderer who only sought power and would have happily put your intellectual head up against the wall?”. I don’t think he would have got it.

    Violence in support of those beliefs? Not so much.

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  7. Molotov cocktails are why God invented rubber buckshot.

    Wait until the anarchist lights said incendiary device, and then shoot him, or the device.

    The problem will be self-correcting in short order, with less-lethal ammunition, at that.

    • This assumes the perp stays visible while lighting and throwing it. If surrounded by their fellow perpetrator they could be very difficult to connect with.

      • This is why God invented *more* rubber buckshot. Didn’t MetalStorm make a shotgun-shell-friendly model?

        Seriously. I’m not seeing a problem here.

        Of course, I also have a somewhat dim view of those who would destroy others’ property, and potentially lives, over asinine political protests, so there’s that, too.

        • I was thinking one would have to shoot just the one with physical control of the Molotov Cocktail. But that probably isn’t a requirement with rubber buckshot. One could neutralize those assisting as well as the perp most responsible.

          • In fairness, people have died due to rubber buckshot injuries/impacts.

            However, as you said, when the molotovs come out, the green light gets lit.

    • Technology does not require the flaming rag in the neck of a bottle. It probably doesn’t even require a glass container at this point, and considering how robust some of the wine and Champagne bottles are, the combination of the two could lead to a higher probability of flaming content distribution than is traditional.

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