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Harriet Tubman was an American hero. A gun-toting, no nonsense, devout Christian spy who fought during her retirement to obtain better treatment for African-American soldiers. She was a remarkable woman and totally deserves a place on our currency.

Jay Caruso
April 22, 2016
What You Might Not Know About Harriet Tubman, Gun-Toting Slave Liberator
[I’m good with Tubman replacing Jackson on the $20. I would have rather it been Ayn Rand and dumping Hamilton, but Rand isn’t going to get serious consideration anytime soon. And I’m not a huge fan of Jackson either.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jay Caruso

  1. Jackson was the only President to abolish the privately owned central banking system now know as the Federal Reserve. Shortly thereafter the nation was out of debt.

    • I’m not saying he didn’t have some good qualities or didn’t accomplish good things. I’m just saying I didn’t care for him on the balance of all his qualities and accomplishments.

  2. I’m pretty sure they won’t use the image of Tubman holding one hand out, encouraging a slave toward freedom, with her other hand holding a big ass hogleg revolver ready to use, in case anyone objected. But they damn well should use that picture.

  3. Someday the history will be as completely sanitized as the British view of George Washington in Robert Silverberg’s “Time of the Great Freeze”, in which, in all sincerity, the British people in the story believe that America became independent because they asked the King to free them, he said, “Sure” (or something to that effect, it’s been a while), and George Washington gave a speech thanking him (His Farewell Address, I think).

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