What’s the real reason?

Today President Obama said:

As I said in January, these commonsense steps are not going to prevent every tragedy, but what if they prevented even one?

This is incredibly simple minded thinking. There are tradeoffs involved in nearly everything. In this case the tradeoffs include:

  • How many people will be unable to save innocent lives because the gun failed to fire when it was required?
  • How many people will be unable to purchase a gun to save innocent lives because of the increased cost?
  • How many lives could be saved if the resources put into “smart gun” technology were instead spent on safety training?

I think it is very telling President Obama and his anti-freedom cohorts haven’t proposed increased gun safety instruction. This demonstrates this isn’t about safety. This is about increasing the price of guns and making firearms less user friendly.


11 thoughts on “What’s the real reason?

  1. Last night, an 80-year old woman in Sultan, Washington shot and killed a 25-year old man who had stabbed her husband. So, Mr. Obama, that 7.62 gun saved one life. It is worth it.

    • No, it didn’t. The gun didn’t do anything, the woman did. And it’s less that any lives were saved than that a different person died, in this case.

  2. I don’t want to even hear about “dumb guns” (there is, and never will be a “smart gun”) until the secret service, all police, and the military is using them.

    Until then, STFU POTUS.

  3. I’m not going to say that putting everyone into solitary confinement would stop all crime, but what if it stopped just one?

    There are rocks that would make better Presidents. Lots of them.

    • That can be said for every president in the past 100 years at least.

        • Sure, on the lesser evil basis. But even for Coolidge, what small fraction of what he did is actually permitted by the clear words of the Constitution?

          • Given that he refused Congressional bills on the very basis of there being no Constitutional standing for them, you tell me.

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  5. It’s not even about that. There are several gun-unfriendly states that have laws on the books that require that some number of months after a smart gun comes to market, only smart guns can be sold in that state.

    Expect a push in the courts to hold manufacturers liable for criminal use of stolen guns that didn’t have ‘smart gun’ technology, using negligence theory. Expect a push to remove gun maker liability protection under law for non-smart-gun sales.

    • And expect that once that law is firmly established that crafty lawyers extend it to auto manufacturers and liquor distillers.
      And shortly after that happens expect a lot of shock and denial from Leftists about responsibility. “You can’t hold me responsible for the results of the laws I enact! If they don’t work the way I said they would, it’s the fault of CONSERVATIVES! Because!

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