Of course you can trust the government

From David Hardy on the Waco investigation:

The House Committee on Government Reform hired Carlos to examine the tapes. Unfortunately, he died from a heart attack (a weakness that ran in his family). The Committee thereupon issued statements that he’d never given them a report, that they were about to fire him, and essentially disavowing everything to do with him.

There was one problem with that story. Carlos had faxed me the report right after he gave it to the committee and briefed its staff. He found there were indeed gunshots. In fact, he pieced together an encounter. A Davidian appeared to throw something at an armored vehicle, and the something went off with a quick burst of heat. The hatches on the vehicle opened, some people dismounted, and fired in the direction of the fleeing Davidian. The battle went on from there. Carlos told me that as he played and paused the video for the congressional staffers, explaining what they were seeing, they looked like they were sucking on lemons.

Reading David’s series of posts on Waco is bringing back some very unpleasant memories and way too much adrenaline:

What the government did to Randy Weaver and his family and what they did at Waco are a why I purchased my first gun, why I’m involved in the gun rights movement and why there is Boomershoot.

Never again.


6 thoughts on “Of course you can trust the government

  1. I talked to a fed who was there after the initial gun fight in Waco. They sent him home when HRU showed up. He said the perception of what had transpired between the locals and headquarters staff was completely different so the sent the local folks home.

    My trust of headquarters types has never been high.

  2. Nothing about that ever made sense to me. ATF claims they have a 50, but yet rolls up for the raid in cattle trailer covered in a tarp? If the Davidians had the type of ordinance claimed, I think there would have been a lot more than 4 dead agents….

  3. And the four dead agents were the AR state troopers that Bill brought with him to the white house after his election. (Who co-incidentally happened to be the guys who acted as procurers for Bill when he was gov of AR.) Or so the conspiracy theory goes.

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  5. I guess the moral of the story is if you’re giving a report to a bunch of lying leftist legislators you think they may not like, get a receipt.
    As Mark Twain said, “There is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress.”

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