Quote of the day—Hillary Clinton

That he would place gun manufacturers’ rights and immunity from liability against the parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook is just unimaginable to me.

Hillary Clinton
April 6, 2016
Clinton Hits Sanders on Gun Control, Sharpens Attacks
[Why not the car manufacturer that the killer drove to the school? Or the clothing manufacturer? And I’m shocked she didn’t mention the ammunition manufacturer.

It’s unimaginable to me how someone could believe that the manufacturer of a product should be liable for its deliberate, criminal, misuse. But then I suspect real issue is that Clinton “thinks” in terms of politics rather than factual or logical terms. She knows that her claim will gain her favor with certain voters and that is all that matters to her.

It’s easy for us to think she is talking crazy talk and has crap for brains. But she is a practiced, deceptive, predator who has lived a lifetime benefiting from saying things that are unsupported by facts or logic. She will continue her path of deception and destruction until she is stopped. I prefer she ends up in shackles before she is nominated but I’ll settle for an defeat at the polls in November.—Joe]


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  1. You know, they should prosecute the contractor who built the school, too. If that school hadn’t been there, the shooting would never have happened.

    • No-no-no! Not the contractor. The contractors are just some poor union schmucks following a blueprint. It’s the architect that should be prosecuted for an obviously faulty design with insufficient security designed into the institution. It’s the designer’s job to know what current trends and needs are….

      No, no, wait a second. That’s not right, either. The school board put out the specs and approved the design, and they are really the educational professionals, in touch with the latest data, studies, trends, and needs. They are the ones that should be prosecuted. The architect just implemented what he was told to produce. He was just following orders, like the contractors.

      Wait, wait, hang on. No, that’s not right, either. The school board are simply the elected representatives of the electorate. They are simply carrying out their wishes of working with a stingy budget and sky-high demands with conflicting goals! It’s the electorate’s fault! Sue THEM for being morons, and not fully finding safe schools, and hiring competent school board members!


  2. Hillary is every bit the “practiced, deceptive, predator” that Bill was/is.

    The only thing she lacks is his charm and smoothness. When Bill lied, everyone knew he was lying, but the quality and delivery were such that he (usually) got away with it.

    When Hillary lies, everyone knows she’s lying, but lacking Bill’s subtlety she gets called on her lies. To her face.

  3. “Progressives” only see the world in end-goal terms. Hence why they demonize large successful businesses who operate in a heavily competitive capitalist market as “Evil Monopolies” but yet demand government monopolies, as well as passing laws that would give private companies industry monopolies like Amatix and Micro stamping.

    See monopolies of power that they control, or wipe out their enemies are GOOD, but powerful groups that don’t kowtow to them are an enemy and need to be crushed.

    Again she doesn’t give a shit about liability laws, she just knows that our armed population stands in her way, so she’ll say literally ANYTHING to crush us.

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