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    • +1 I’ve gotten some burns from flying brass, I keep my Hog cloaked at the range….plus I’d need to check with club bylaws, but I suspect nude rifle shooting would be frowned upon by the board of directors.

  1. That big fat piece of shit can still bust a cap in your ass if it should become necessary. I’d need a detailed explanation of the siginificance, or importance, of him being able to see his own dick though, because at the moment I am unable to comprehend it.

  2. I was unaware that seeing one’s unit was important in shooting. Perhaps my instructors did not convey the whole “sight picture” thing as completely as the should.

  3. Yeah, Joe, but if Obomination gets his way, the other side will have SCOTUS decisions.

    • Very true. We need to do what we can to prevent that from happening. But until that happens we can, and should, continue to vigorously slap down people who invoke Markley’s Law.

    • Just remember a simple rule. If you own a gun, or wish to own a gun, you cannot vote for any Democrat.

      • Or any Progressive Republican. Given that the Republican Party hates the constitution and founding principles almost as much as any Democrat, we’ve an uphill battle. I think it comes down to local politics– that’s where the right changes are being made.

        • You’re right. But there’s a slight difference, in that the Democrats are consistent while a few Republicans do pay some modest attention to the Constitution. As others have argued, it’s not much of a difference. Still, the one thing you can safely say is that a gun owner voting Democrat is absolutely positively making a serious mistake.

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