9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bacon @Baconmints

  1. Does he mean situational awareness? In which case, I imagine almost an concealed carrier would be two steps ahead of him in any OODA loop you care to imagine. I visualize this troll walking down the street with his head buried in his smart phone, scanning his Facebook page to see how many “likes” his troll buddies gave him for his latest snarky comment. I doubt he’d notice if a spaceship landed in front of him and started unloading Reptoids.

    • By “lack of self awareness” I think he means that he’s noticed we don’t care what he thinks of us. To his way of thinking we should have realized that he and his ilk see us as ridiculous, and by now we should have responded by coming around and re-inventing ourselves in their image.

      In short; we are seen as oblivious for “not realizing” how it is we’re supposed to behave. That proves just how stupid we are. A good authoritarian caves in to mocking from other authoritarians.

      Much of the left thinks in this way. Actually most of humanity has thought in this way for all time. How else do you explain the phenomenon of culture (root word being “cult”)?

      • We’ve seen a lot of quotes from this guy. Joe seems to have quite a collection. Bacon does not seem to know anything about actual gun owners or gun rights supporters, but that does not stop him from declaring his contempt and hatred. That , to me, is the essence of bigotry. Many anti gun activists are the same sort of bigots. Totalitarian bigots like this are always a danger to their targets. Keep your eyes open and your powder dry.

        • He Tweeted all of them in December of 2014. I spread them out over time so people would get quite so bored with him. There are two left. They are currently scheduled for April 4 and September 5 of this year.

  2. friends:

    “targets?” did someone say “targets”? this is, of course, too funny. talk about a lack of self-awareness. who does he think is gonna be a target if all the gun people get good & angry? laughing.

    john jay

  3. Somehow I don’t think “self awareness” means what he thinks it does… lol
    I’m supposed to be intimidated by his scorn?? Not happenin’… I’m comfortable and confident inside my own skin and have no need of any lefty’s approval or validation.
    This loser with his talk of cowardliness and tiny penises is projecting his own inadequacies…

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