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If physicians are unable to, by law, ascertain the mental stability of someone to own a gun in Florida, then the Federal Government should deny everyone in Florida the ability to purchase a gun.

Mr. Fusion
January 10, 2016
Comment to The Absurd Logic Behind Floridas Docs vs. Glocks Law
[What is it with anti-gun people and their obsession with assessing the mental health of gun owners? It is they who demonstrate mental health problems (see also here).—Joe]


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  1. Wait… so this fellow objects to the inability of “doctors”, not even mental health doctors, just any old MD, to ban people from owning guns?
    was it pointed out to him that that is not a power that FL MDs *have*?

    Does he even know that you don’t need a doctor’s permision slip to own or carry a gun un Florida?

    So we have a man objecting ot a law, without even knowing what the law does or what the legal status quo was before the law…

    And his response is a mass removal of civil rights without any due process.

    Wanna bet he also thinks gun owners are “paranoid” for thinking people want to use doctors to strip gun owners of their rights?

  2. The “mental health” angle is the new gun hater’s camel. We have to be careful of this beast.
    Their old “sensible regulations” trick hasn’t worked, because the good guys now know that “sensible” means “draconian”. So the new scam is to float the notion that “crazy people” should not have guns. And this notion seems so logical that even good people are likely to go along with it. Once we’ve conceded that notion, now all they have to do is define “crazy” in the widest possible way. Given that psychiatry is a matter of opinion rather than a science, as soon as we go along with “no crazy people” we have absolutely no basis on which to object to any scheme the bad guys may propose.
    Just remember how the bad old Soviet Union perverted the definition of “crazy” for totalitarian purposes. Then recognize that the bad guys we have here are exactly like those old Soviets, and are itching to borrow their tricks.

    • Amazing that here in America there are those who think we should adopt the Soviet-style mental health punishment system for the “non-believers” who refuse to comply.

      Couple it with governmental healthcare linked by EHR data and no one will escape their reach or control. Socialized medicine is a Trojan Horse to ensnare conservatives, Christians, patriots, gun owners, and so on.

  3. Anti-gunners have a really difficult time in understanding solid, unimpeachable rights. They love squishy things like “the right to feel safe” and they adore pseudoscience like psychiatry (remember what a short time it’s been since we electroshocked people?).

    In fact, if you took a poll of the folks who claim membership in the anti-gun movement, I’d be willing to bet that almost 100% of them would think that electroshock treatment should be applied to cure us of our gun fetishes.

    My response to that would be, “…. and that’s why I have guns.”

    • “Anti-gunners have a really difficult time in understanding solid, unimpeachable rights.”

      No; they absolutely understand the concept, in exquisite detail, as I have proved some years ago. See here.

      Never mind that the issue I used for proof is abortion. That’s not the point. The point is, the Marxist Progressive Eugenicists understand the concept of the unassailable right perfectly, to a tee, and just about any one of them, even some of the most uneducated or miseducated among them, can articulate it brilliantly on a moment’s notice.

      No, Young Grasshopper; this is not a simple lack of understanding. This is far more sinister.

  4. This makes me wonder what the 11th circuit is doing. Are they trying to force the Supremes’ hand on applying strict scrutiny to 2nd amendment cases? I haven’t read those cases, so maybe not, but I find that possibility interesting.

  5. Be careful not to blame this idiocy on psychiatrists. When asked you won’t find any mental health professional who will say that they can, or are even willing to try, to predict future behavior of -anyone-, even known psychotic patients with certainty. Thus their discomfort with even necessary involuntary institutionalization of the obvious whackos.

    The “mental health test” angle is one-hundred percent anti-gun nonsense and someone proffering it exposes themselves as ignorant of the opinions of the people who would be doing the testing.

    • If this nonsense is disconnected from the professional reality, then professionals are obliged to speak against it. If they remain silent, they are complicit.

    • “When asked you won’t find any mental health professional who will say that they can, or are even willing to try, to predict future behavior of -anyone-, even known psychotic patients with certainty.”

      Most of them will anyway, when they’re told to. Don’t underestimate the combined power of intimidation, bribery, and the need to feel important. It’s what Progressives do. It’s all they do.

  6. …because if it saves JUST ONE Florida criminal from being shot while committing a violent felony, it’s worth it!


    • Well, who else could the right to feel safe apply to but people in risky occupations sanctioned by the government to aid in its function? Risky occupations merely for economic purposes don’t count,

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