11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mo @Mo_2015UK

  1. I’m guessing from the UK from the address. You mean like the people who gave up their ability to defend themselves from the muslims. Good luck with that MoMo.

  2. Yep. He(?) is definitely gender confused. And yet, underneath is still that fetish they have for our genitalia.

  3. The Brits use that word to demean anyone they find annoying, hapless, etc.
    regardless of gender.
    I wonder why he sees fit to argue with someone on this side of the pond? He’s got his desired gun-free paradise already, right?

  4. There’s video on YouTube of someone who took Ron Jeremy shooting for his birthday. He had a blast. Obviously compensating for… Something…

  5. “…needs his large gun to make up for not satisfying women.’

    So let me get this straight; if my woman is not satisfied, I can make up for it by buying a large gun? I mean; she’d be happy then, because I got another large gun? I’m skeptical. She’s not really into guns.

    • I hear a lot more comments from customers relating to their wives being pissed if they find out the husband bought another gun, than comments indicating the wife would be pleased or “satisfied”. It can go either way of course, but he vast majority of wives seem to be unhappy with the husband’s um-teenth gun purchase.

      In short; Mo is simply wrong. The way to satisfy a woman is to love her, which has little or nothing to do with sexual organs or guns.

  6. Let’s look at this XKCD style. When he obscenely mentions a body part, substitute a bird. When he uses an adjectival phrase intended to be insulting, substitute a color. When he mentions firearms, substitute Hanna-Barbara cartoon characters. When he mentions other pursuits, substitute your favorite obscure sport.

    “And you sir are a lime-green ostrich, who has a pomegranate canary who needs his large Scooby-Doo to make up for not cross-country skiing.”

    There. I think it’s improved. It certainly makes more sense this way.

  7. New approach. When carrying a good size gun (1911, battle rifle, Freedom Arms Model 83, Barrett, etc) just reply “I’m carrying this tiny gun to compensate for my huge penis”.

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