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To a leftist, reacting to gun-grabbing rhetoric by buying a gun is incomprehensible. The President just explained that guns are bad. Why would you want to self-identify as a bad person? People who would do that are probably dangerously insane.

December 11, 2015
Comment to White House Spokesman: Surging Gun Sales a Tragic Irony
[I suspect there is more than a little truth to this. It has to do with their desire to conform with the norms of their tribe. Individualism is not something they really understand.—Joe]


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  1. I guess for some people it is important to be liked by the cool kids.
    For others it’s more important to be your own person.

  2. Unless it’s not one of their people giving the orders.

    In that case, it’d be an act of righteous civil disobedience, complete with bumper stickers saying “Dissent is Patriotic”, and the gentle tones of Rage Against the Machine providing musical accompaniment.

    “F–k you, I won’t do what you tell me.” Indeed.

  3. Kool-aid has a hypnotic effect apparently.

    I am disgusted with the lack of any consistent thought. The POTUS claims guns are bad, and yet, he has been show to be a pathological liar, So, the next logical step is to assume that maybe he is lying about guns, too.

    No such luck, They are stuck on stupid.

  4. They (meaning the leaders of the leftist pack) know exactly they’re doing. they’ve told us so. Dissent, they have told us, loudly and repeatedly, is the very essence of patriotism. That is of course a one-way street, for our dissent, or disagreement, against them is essentially criminal or terrorist.

    It’s all a ploy though, a play, a schtick, and act. They don’t believe most of what they’re saying, most of the time. They say what they say for an intended effect, as an act of manipulation. Disingenuousness is the name of the game. They consider it cleverness, to have freed themselves from the chains of honesty, intellectual consistency, morality, truth and forthrightness. Such “freedom” or “flexibility” makes them better and smarter than you and your closed-mindedness and self-imposed limits.

    Progressive darling, George Bernard Shaw tells us in his own words. You might want to see the whole thing, but start here at 3:40 for a look at exactly what I mean. It’s the kindly old psychopath bragging about his ability to present any face he wishes to present, for any desired effect. He admires Mousolini, but believes he could do it much better himself.

  5. To paraphrase Kathy Jackson: “I carry a gun because I can’t carry a Secret Service agent”.

    You don’t have to defend yourself, Mr. President, because the entire country pays for an elite force to do it for you. The rest of us don’t have such privileges.

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