Quote of the day—Gerald Lee Wolters

Now the Commander in Chief needs to make these laws Federal with an executive order. Full stop. One nation one policy. Australia y’all.

Gerald Lee Wolters
October 19, 2015
Comment to Federal Court Upholds Bulk Of Gun Control Laws Passed In Wake Of Newtown
[These people live in an alternate reality where they believe we are all subjects of a king or dictator.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. The frightening thing with all this “pen and phone,” bullsh*t is that closet oligarchs like this guy love that stuff. Executive orders should be forbidden; we have a Congress that is supposed to do this “lawmaking” stuff. But, then again, those bastards aren’t exactly interested in doing their jobs anymore, either.

    • Everyone knows the president and the courts make the laws.

      Not sure what congress is for.

      • My thoughts also. We have the lest egalitarian political class in our lifetimes, and Congreff has devolved into a wholly feckless institution, deferring to the Executive and Judiciary. Article I of the federal constitution sets forth the powers of Congress, and with the current Republican “leadership” they pretty much defer to Maximum Dear Leader. Iran nuclear ‘treaty’…check. TPP…check. Cromnibus…check. Repeal ObamaCare…no, we can’t do that. I’m not seein’ the cavalry on the horizon, either.

      • Congress is there to fulfill three purposes, and therefore grant some illusion of legitimacy to the fed.gov: 1) Pass legislation to implement whatever changes the Judiciary demands; 2) Issue a rubber-stamp approval to all Judicial and Cabinet nominees (and international treaties) the Executive offers; and 3) Pass whatever budget the Executive demands for his Cabinet agencies.

        To ask them to do anything else (like, perhaps, exercise their Constitutionally-mandated powers and duties as a check on, rather than an enabler of, the Executive and Judicial branches) is to ask them to step outside their comfort zone. That would be unfair, and probably racist.

    • Executive orders were designed simply for the order and control of the different departments of the executive branch. Just like a corporate CEO would make decisions about how the business would run.
      Anyone who thinks that “Executive Orders” from POTUS have the actual power to control anything outside the executive branch is delusional.
      It always amazes me that people *want* a earthly despot/king/dictator/fuehrer/emperor to make all the decisions for them. I guess it’s because it’s hard work for them to think and they’d rather have someone else do it for them.


      • They won’t be laughing when the “wrong” person gets all that power.

        Yeah, they’re idiots.

  2. The alternate reality they are thinking about is the one that holds in most of the rest of the world — where government has unlimited power and there is no constitution.
    The situation in the USA is bad enough given that none of the three branches pay any real attention to the Constitution, but once in a blue moon they do seem to be slightly restrained by it. One or two Representatives, a few judges (and, maybe on a good day, one justice).

    • “…but once in a blue moon they do seem to be slightly restrained by it.”

      That’s only because, at that point in time, what they’re doing and the constitution just happens to be in alignment.

      From the beginning, it was a constraint on government power and anyone can tell you that those in power don’t like to be constrained.

      Not that the constitution is irrelevant but THE PEOPLE are the ones who make sure the government stays restrained by the constitution, not the document itself. If government gets ‘out of bounds’, it’s THE PEOPLE who will have to discipline them, like unruly children, since they can’t discipline themselves.

  3. Considering that many of the laws passed in the wake of Newtown have been beneficial, let’s start with making them the law of the land:

    Constitutional carry
    National reciprocity
    Open carry
    Campus carry
    Legal possession of suppressors and SBRs in many states
    Suppressors for hunting

    • Except, instead of making the country “Judenrein”, the goal is to get rid of Kulaks*, Saboteurs, Counter Revolutionaries and other enemies of the state.

      *”Kulak” is the Russian word for “one-percenter”

  4. So… he’s admitting that the SAFE Act, including it’s registration, was a prelude to Australian style confiscation?

    Okay then.

  5. I have often wondered if the “gun control” cultists will enjoy having a dictator as much when said individual has an “R”, or, worse, an “I” after his name.

  6. Observation: There has been in effect a “one nation policy” against murder here for at minimum several hundred years.This policy is an absolute ban on the practice and just like prohibition it has had limited effects. The law abiding abide the law the rest not so much.

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