Quote of the day—Rev. John Buttrick

We need the president, Congress, governors, councils, legislators and citizens to discuss the options for creating a society where gun ownership is an exception not the norm.

∎ We can protect our homes with a network of good neighbor communications and an attitude of welcome to the stranger.

∎ We can learn to participate in and strengthen our democratic society as the way to prevent government from becoming oppressive. (No amount of home firepower can protect us today from a rogue government army in possession of assault weapons, rockets, tanks, drones and overwhelming air power).

∎ We can provide gun rentals at firing ranges for the sport of target shooting.

∎ We can re-evaluate the ethics of hunting for sport while permitting the use of basic rifles and shotguns for hunting food and for predatory animal control in rural settings.

∎ We can work for an economic system that is fair for all people, narrowing the gap between the wealthy and the poor.

∎ We can advocate against all forms of racism and cultural bias.

Gun legislation and/or constitutional amendments may be far in the future. But political, religious and social leaders and every citizen can begin to cultivate a climate that discourages gun possession.

Rev. John Buttrick
October 17, 2015
My Turn: The path to end gun violence
[He’s delusional and/or hopelessly naïve.

But the one thing you want to remember about this is that you should never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


19 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rev. John Buttrick

  1. Crap. For. Brains.

    To repeat my new mantra:
    F*ck off. It’s my Right. Get lost.

    • My favorite is – again – the quotation that ends: “…and the horse you rode in on.”

      What is almost mind boggling is the possibility that he just, might, actually believe that load of BS. What’s more likely is that he’s merely been coopted. Either by blackmail, or bribery.

  2. As far as that second point he mentions: he should ask the Vietnamese for their opinion on this subject.

  3. The Progressives learned long ago that it is both easier and more effective to slowly corrupt and co-opt religious organizations from within than to eradicate them by overt force. In the form of Rev. Buttrick and many others, we are seeing the fruits of their long labors.

    That quote is essentially the communist manifesto reduced to a few bullet points. One is given to wonder whether our good reverend is even aware of that, or how he would react once it was explained to him. If he’s not able to see the self-contradiction in all of it, he’d certainly have a hard time understanding it even if it were explained to him.

    And one again; this all-powerful Mister We person is going to force everyone to get along and love one another, under threats of…what? We are seldom or never told honestly, but I’m pretty sure it involves SWAT teams, dogs, trains, drugs, eugenics and re-education camps. But Oh!…think of the glorious New Society that We can “create” with all that overwhelming coercive force!

    It’s always the same old thing, but now we have “religious” leaders selling it to their sucker congregations. The communists wanted to destroy religion because they knew it was the major force standing in their way. Today they basically own it. What clever and delicious evil!

  4. Fool.

    Plain and simple.

    I had several more visceral and profane responses that came to mind, but on a very short reflection decided that this guy is literally every charicature of the naive do-gooder that becomes the prey for the strong, unprincipled and evil who unopposed will always rise to power. Note our present circumstances.

  5. Great that he advocates a society with no cultural bias – except he’s not:

    ….. discuss the options for creating a society where gun ownership is an exception not the norm…
    …..re-evaluate the ethics of hunting for sport …
    ….. advocate against all forms of racism and cultural bias.
    ……cultivate a climate that discourages gun possession.

    He’s all for eliminating cultural biases, except for the ones that he indulges in, a phenomenon typical of liberal, left-wingers.

  6. He’s going to permit us to own basic weapons for hunting.
    Such a generous offer.


  7. friends:

    for the good reverend, i hope he doesn’t have to welcome any strangers in his bedroom at 3.30 am, armed to the teeth and looking to plunder and do mayhem.

    hitler put a lot of clerics just like him into the gas chambers, along w/ the jews, gypsies, political opponents, and others who were mentally defective and/or disturbed.

    silly bastard.

    john jay

  8. Perhaps he can call his not so novel political philosophy “Fascism with a Human Face.”

    Unfortunately, The face turns out to be the one in the novel 1984, the one with the boot forever stomping on it.

  9. Tell you what, how about you get right to work on whatever you were going to do to build “a network of good neighbor communications” and “strengthen our democratic society” and we’ll just hold on to our guns. If you manage to somehow change the fundamental nature of society, then we can talk about the guns.

  10. For the religiously inclined, he should know better than anyone else that such a peaceful and utopian society will ONLY come about under the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ on Earth, and not before.

    In other words, it will require direct Divine intervention to bring peace to the Earth.

    He cannot engineer it and it proves that his reading and interpretation of the Bible is deeply flawed. I’d call him a false prophet; just like the Pope and his socialist tour.

    • Did a quick Google search to see if I could find him. Nothing on the first page.

      Still, I’m not dumb enough to take that bet. Still, while the Episcopal Church has been deeply subjugated by the Joyce Foundation, I’ve seen anti-gun churches of every ilk, including Non-Christian religions.

    • Concord…New Hampster. He could be an American Baptist like my Socialist parents, or even a Presbyterian – really, any denomination from a college town is certain to maintain these ideas.

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