Quote of the day—Dan Gross

This is not a negotiation with the NRA. We don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Dan Gross
President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
October 14, 2015
Gun control group bashing Sanders, Chafee
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And what is the typical way of dealing with terrorists?

This is what they think of you and the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. They want you in prison or dead for defending and/or exercising a constitutionally protected right.—Joe]


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  1. The first amendment includes “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”. Since liberals are always arguing over the definition of ‘well regulated militia’, conservatives should use the first amendment to argue for the right to assemble a loaded gun wherever they want. Silencer, extended mag, pistol grip, short barrel – all part of my right peaceably to assemble.

  2. Mr. Gross might want to keep in mind that one definition of “terrorist” is “someone who tramples on the rights of the people”. And that armed resistance against terrorists is most certainly legal.
    Who tramples on the rights of the people? Mr. Gross or the NRA? To ask the question is to answer it…

  3. There’s this line that keeps rolling around on the tip of my tongue. It ends with: “and the horse you rode in on.”

  4. But we need to have a “national conversation about reasonable firearms restrictions.”

    1) Who are you going to have this “conversation” with, if the NRA is an unacceptable negotiating partner (and yes, I put quotes around “conversation”, because we all know they want a lecture, not a convo).

    B) What kind of restrictions would be “reasonable”, if you insist on calling the largest, voluntary organization of gun-rights supporters a “terrorist organization”?

    iii) F*ck off from my firearms. I am tired of trying to “negotiate” with the likes of these people.

  5. The Bill of Rights is now a terrorist manifesto? Some people would say so.

    If peaceable, honest, armed citizens are thought of as terrifying to some people, what does that tell us about the terrified?

  6. Hate speech.
    Calling an entity organized under the laws of the United States, that advocates for changes in laws, and (significantly) NOT the violation of any law, nor, for that matter, killing or injuring anyone, “terrorists” is such a gross misnomer, it is and can only be hate speech. If we were to call the Southern Poverty Law Center Terrorists, or totalitarian, or any of a number of accurate descriptors, that would be considered hate speech, and this example should be, too.

    • Except that the whole concept of “hate speech” is a leftist invention that utterly violates the Constitution, of course.

      • Oh, yes, but the purpose of invoking that Leftist shibboleth, “Hate Speech” is to make them play by the rules they set up.
        Go Alinsky on them.

  7. friends:

    quite frankly, i see ever decreasing reason to not make him right. there will eventually be a fight over this, and i see no practicable reason to delay it.

    john jay

  8. When the leading Democratic candidates for POTUS are a criminal and a communist, two groups that can’t survive a free and armed citizenry, is it any wonder their leftist cronies want to define us as terrorist and do away with us?

    • Good point. From their perspective as criminals and communists, i.e. anti American, we are “terrorists” in that we frighten them. Darned right, and that is one of the clearly intended purposes of the second amendment.

      So let them bawl – they’re revealing themselves.

  9. p.s. off the top of my head, i don’t know how many u.s. presidents have been members of the national rifle association, do you? if a guy is gonna be a terrorist, it is nice to be in good company. u.s. senators? representatives?

      • GHW Bush (bush 41) was, until he wasn’t. He signed up for life membership, them got elected, then renounced his membership and lashed out at the NRA. Typical Republican shenanigans.

        Then there was Lurch, Whatshisname, Kerry, who had to be videoed walking into a gun shop;
        “Kin ah, git me uh huntin’ license heer?”

        Many candidates have seen fit to establish their Gun Bubba creds during a campaign. Now it seems they were vying for the important “terrorist vote”. No doubt it made them feel icky but they knew they had to do it, same as when a Republican is forced to stoop to courting conservatives, Christians and libertarians. Eeew!

  10. p.s.s. is there anyone out there who does not see the humor of this pecker head saying that the left/democrats/socialists do not negotiate w/ terrorists, after the obama administration has supplied armored vehicles to hamas, and is actively supporting and arming elements of al queda and the like. in short, the obama administration & the clintons negotiate with and receive money from terrorists as a matter of course. the demonstrable ignorance & cynicism (a dangerous combination) of the left is simply astounding.

    as bugs bunny would say, it is to laugh, it is to cry.

    • As the Leftists were wont to say thirty years ago, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” I swear, the Left in Western Civilization is beginning to look more and more like Sinn Fein to the Islamist Muslims’ IRA.
      Same goal, complementary methods.

  11. Someone please tell me this is empty blustering. Cause if it isn’t……ugh.

  12. Well, at least he figured out that basic rights aren’t something to be negotiated over.

    Unfortunately, I fear he came to that conclusion from rather the wrong direction.

  13. He and his kind best hope that those whom he calls terrorists never decide to treat him and his the way terrorists usually loud-mouthed, ignorant wanna-be threats.

  14. If they really believed that the NRA was a terrorist organization, they’d surrender.

  15. I had zero respect for this tool, Dan Gross.

    Now, I kind of hope something bad happens to him. You know, poetic justice.

    Congratulations Dan, you joined my long list of evil Leftists upon whose death I will celebrate with a beer or cake and balloons.

  16. I don’t see why assholes like this are so down on the NRA, which certainly IS willing to negotiate with them, and has (unnecessarily) ceded so many little bits of liberty over the years. I wonder if they have a word for me, because I will not.

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