Civil disobedience

The American People elected a handy Republican majority in Congress, in part to repeal Obama Care. Republicans ran, and were elected, based on that promise. Then they turned tail as soon as they were sworn in. They lied. As a Party, they lied.

We are now faced with the a representation system, as a means of redress of grievances, as a means of carrying out the will of the People with regard to upholding and protecting human liberty, which has failed. With Boehner’s recent stunt of shutting down an election for a new Speaker, the Republican Party is clearly maintaining its practice of running interference for the Progressives (incremental communists), and so there is no apparent correction in sight for this situation.

That leaves us with one option left before we get out our guns; civil disobedience. Refuse to take part in ObamaCare. Don’t even acknowledge it. There are ways of dealing with this, which your accountant/tax preparer, if he’s any good at all, can discuss with you.

Some Americans, as I type this, are in the Middle East in harm’s way, taking smallarms fire, in their attempts to save some of the Christians who are under attack and being killed for no reason other than their faith. They are risking, and some will lose, their lives in standing up for what’s right. I think we can risk getting a few letters in the mail, don’t you? I’m looking forward to it.


6 thoughts on “Civil disobedience

  1. sir:

    the republicans and republican congress are not ” … worth a warm bucket of spit.”

    simple as that.

    until it is time to resort to arms, it is, as you say, to disobey unjust laws. and, the first thing to do in that regard is simply to stop paying taxes. if a person hasn’t got the gumption simply to not file, than cheat.

    deprive the bastards what they need to rule, and that is money. make them print more worthless shit to cover the gap, by so doing to bring on economic collapse as quickly as possible.

    and, in the meantime, until the shit hits the fan, buy guns, buy ammo, by reloading equipment and components, and stock up on potables and basic foodstuffs, … , beans, rice, flour, vienna sausages and good canned chicken and tuna fish. to hell w/ survival food, it is just a scam, and mre’s are not basically fit to eat. learn how to make syrup from brown sugar, and learn how to make homemade mayonnaise. (you don’t have to be able to spell it to eat it!!!)

    good boots. wool clothes, pendleton and woolrich. filson pants, jackets, single macks. wood blankets, synthetic fart sacks (you’ll freeze to death in 3 or 4 days in a down bag, they just load up w/ water and have no insulating value. death traps.) and, for god’s sake, lay in a life time’s supply of wool watch caps, “beanies” to most of you urban …. uhm, types, i guess is a good word.

    john jay

  2. There’s something else you can do. Actively fuck up the lives of gun control supporters. Have a friend on Facebook advocating antigun measures? Don’t do the “Republican” thing and defriend him. Keep him as a friend, take down his personal info, and use it to destroy his employment and his life.

  3. I have been saying for years, just because the Democrats are your enemy does not mean that the Republicans are your friends.

    • Yep. The Democratic party is not the problem; the Republican party is not the solution.

    • As one famous writer describes them: “socialist party A” and “socialist party B”. The differences are only in the details — for example, which part of our liberties they want to attack first. But their contempt for liberty and the Constitution is near-universal.

  4. divemedic:

    you are absolutely spot on, w/ this observation.

    they are just in it for their shard of the public slop at the trough.

    john jay

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