Quote of the day—Jon Gabriel

Instead of pointing fingers at the innumerates running Athens, they should consider our own situation.


It’s an imperfect analogy, but imagine the green is your salary, the yellow is the amount you’re spending over your salary, and the red is your MasterCard statement.

Jon Gabriel
June 30, 2015
Athens on the Potomac
[I am not the only one wondering if we are watching a version our future play out in Greece.—Joe]


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    • And, might provide some clear indications that we need to make some fundamental changes to our “Entitlement” spending and fiscal policies.

      Of course that would be ruinous to the entire “fundamental change” agenda of Soetero The First.

      • The few remaining productive citizens, will just leave.

        The UN can airdrop food in, I guess.

        • They can try, but consider that a substantial amount of “UN aid” is in fact delivered by US resources that may or may not be available when it’s the US that’s in trouble. This problem will only compound when the productive citizens leave.

          Also, consider the whole issue with allowing a foreign power to operate on American soil.

          • The Greeks? A less crappy place in europe.

            Us? No warp drive yet.

  1. A friend of mine from high school married a Greek woman about 30 years ago. They’re working on retiring to Greece where they’re building a house. She thinks this is all the elected officials’ doing and is angry at them for making her and other ordinary people pay.

    In a way that’s true; when you ride the tiger you hope you can find enough places to feed the beast so you can get off without becoming food (or hanging around gas stations upside down from lamp posts, or attending your trial where the verdict and sentence are foregone conclusions).

  2. Someone brought up the story Lord of the Flies a while back. I find myself thinking about it a lot now. That’s basically the whole world at this point. Due to what I believe was the last 60 to 100 years of culture war, the adults seem to have been killed off, so to speak, or have simply given up, and we’re getting what inevitably results.

    • It’s a truism that people only believe what they personally have experienced. We’ve been at peace on US soil for a LONG time. Virtually none of our ivory-tower leaders have any personal experience with the horrors of war, communism, or economic collapse. They all think they are smart enough that this time will be different.
      They don’t know that every leader headed for failure thought the same. Napoleon didn’t go to Waterloo expecting to lose.

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  4. It’s important to observe that both major parties are guilty here, to a close enough degree that the distinction doesn’t really matter.
    They are both out to take your money and spend it on parasites. They are both out to spend more money even than they take from you. They are both plotting to steal your liberties (though not necessarily the same liberties).
    This is why some people refer to these two parties as “Socialist party A and Socialist party B”.

    • Yep, or as the “good cop” and the “bad cop”. One or the other will appeal to you depending on your predispositions. If one doesn’t get to you, the other will. Each appears to be the other cop’s rival, but they’re working together to take you to the same place.

      We often hear the Republicans referred to as spineless, or cowardly, etc., but for that to be the case they must actually have guiding principles. It is my thesis that they do not have guiding principles, certainly not in the way we think of as principles, and therefore they cannot be said to be spineless. One must have something for which to stand before one can be accused of lacking the courage to stand.

      And THAT’S being gracious. The worst case, and I’m thinking probably the actual case, is that the Republicans are actually Progressives, i.e. enemies of the American Principles of Liberty, as the Dems are more communists.

      In that case the Republicans DO have some spine. They’re upholding their Progressive ideology. Their occasional outbursts of frustration, or embarrassment, with their base are strong evidence of this. The long term (100 years) direction of the country, the Long March toward authoritarianism with barely a pause, is essentially the proof.

      So “good cop, bad cop” makes more sense, methinks.

      In the final analasys, whether certain individual Republicans hold dear the American Principles or not is unimportant. As a Party they serve the Dark side, one way or another, whether by choice or by inaction or fear or stupidity or drunklenness, or by some combination of the above. You and I can fall into the same category for that matter, if we’re not careful.

  5. So a serious question to you gentleman. How to hedge against the coming storm? What to do with emergency money if you have any? How to set yourself up to survive and even thrive in the coming chaos?

    • That is a very difficult question. The problem as I see it is that there are so many variables under control of the governments and bankers that nearly any one of numerous bad outcomes are possible. Since which bad outcome is most likely to happen is unknowable it is extremely difficult to prepare in an optimal manner.

      I’m betting on owning farm land since I know farming and (almost) raw land will probably be one of the last things confiscated. But there are scenarios where that is a loser too. I just don’t know and I suspect it is unknowable.

      • Yup. Especially problematic for those of us who don’t know farming. Personally, I’m counting on serving in the same role as the JPL geek in Lucifer’s Hammer.

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