Quote of the day—Cody Fenwick.

It’s time we start thinking a little more boldly and demanding much more. We should consider abolishing private gun ownership.

We don’t need an alternative to guns, we just need people to realize that guns aren’t needed.

Cody Fenwick
June 7, 2015
Let’s Talk About Abolishing Gun Ownership
[Never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

Any efforts along these lines will be significantly less successfully than prohibition of recreational alcohol and other drugs. And those were total disasters. I am certain an attempt in “abolishing private gun ownership” will be an even greater disaster.


Because I and millions more will refuse to give them up.

In the spirit of full disclosure I’ll share that I’m going to the range this week to practice. Then this weekend I’m going to a match to see who can hit five head sized objects the fastest. I think I can draw and hit all of five of them in four to five seconds. Or if they are close enough I can do it in under three seconds.

I can hit a man-sized target on my first shot from 957 yards away.

I also make explosives.

Your move Mr. Fenwick.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Cody Fenwick.

  1. They should consider if it come to that point in history were they work up the nerve to come and try to take our firearms, rather than wait for the visit, some will take the fight to their own front door.

  2. After reading the first sentence I hoped it was going to be something good. “We” should indeed start thinking a little more boldly (about first principles) and demanding much more (liberty).

    I note that Fenwick got in at least one “We” per sentence, in classic collectivist/authoritarian fashion.

    Mr. Fenwick, I believe it is fair to ask you who you think of as this “We” person you keep mentioning. Where does Mr. We get his super-human, god-like powers that he can simply say a whole society will do x and then it simply, magically somehow happens just because the mighty We said so?

    I am certain that by “We” you are not referring to yourself, i.e. you certainly won’t be going house to house yourself, kicking in locked doors, “boldly demanding” people’s guns and ammunition. Therefore you must certainly have some other, specific, far less mortal person in mind.

  3. I am as dismissive of the “Cody Fenwick Opinion” as anyone who reads it, except … there has been a multi-day discussion in the COMMENTS which are worthwhile reading for members of both opinions.

    For the first time in communal memory, two commenters made a pact to discuss the ISSUES calmly and with mutual respect. (It goes without saying … no Ad Hominem attacks!)

    [note: there were actually TWO PAIRS of opposing commenters who assumed the mantel of civilized discourse. Which made it a Win/Win // Win/Win situation]

    The Usual Suspects are there for comic relief, of course. But they are easily ignored.

    Oh, go read the comments for yourself. It’s tacit confirmation of the Humanity we all share …. if you dig deep enough and are patient enough.

  4. “We don’t need an alternative to guns, we just need people to realize that guns aren’t needed.”


    I assume he just means that citizens don’t need firearms. Surely he has a soft spot for the military, police, and various security forces to have them. The rest of us have to hope that police arrive in time to save us from criminals who always get any illicit tool they need, even if they have to manufacture them.

    This is the typical pacifist drivel induced by snorting too many unicorn farts.

    Don’t count me in the “we” category. I’m in the “me” category and I don’t trust the motives of Cody nor the track record of governments. So, Molon Labe MF’er.

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