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  1. That’s about the level of brainpower we’ve come to expect.

    Or possibly higher.

    • It’s pure emotion. Donnie Brasco could be highly literate and articulate for all we know, but is turned into a jackass via allegiance to the left. The opposition to liberty has no basis in reason and so it is impossible to articulate it using reason.

      If Brasco would’ve tried using facts, logic or principles, we could easily disassemble the argument, but this? This is impenetrable. How do you disassemble pure, irrational hatred? Can’t be done can it? So, in a way, he wins the argument- he’s stating a position that cannot be countered with principles, reason or historical fact.

      Throwing feces is a similar type of argument. You can throw feces back, thus lowering yourself to his level, you can beat him senseless, or walk away. In no case can you “win” with logic, facts or principles. This is why the left has loved, and even openly advocated, insanity as a protest against “The System”.

      • As Vox often says, you can’t fight rhetoric with logic, and vice versa. You need to compete against it with a rhetorical reply. Only when they get their butts handed to them in that sphere will they attempt to argue on logic, where they’ll lose again, even more badly. But to many on the emotional left, facts don’t matter – only rhetorical points.

        • Vox has a good point. But what you have here is neither logic nor rhetoric, it’s only imbecilic ranting. I don’t think that replying in the same style will work. The real issue is that Vox’s approach assumes a functioning brain at the other and, and that prerequisite is clearly absent in this case.

  2. Thank you Donnie Brasco. Now I understand that I am a bad, terrible person. It was just not clear before you enlightened me.

  3. Lyle makes a good point

    I am reminded of the axiom:
    “you cannot reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into”

  4. friends:

    i am confused.–

    is being a dickless fuck better or worse than having an itsy bitsy teeny weeny penie? or, an itsus bitsus teensus weensus penis, as it were?

    i wish the libtards would find a position and stick with it? as it is, their head up the ass position merely leads to confusing statements.

    john jay

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