Quote of the day—Sir Malta

holy shit kill yourself.

You realize the only people who want these are those who can’t legally get guns, right?

I can say this honestly: I hope you or someone you love is shot.

Sir Malta
January 6, 2015
Comment to 3D-Printed Guns Are Only Getting Better, and Scarier
[There are many legitimate reasons why one would want a gun without it being registered with the government. Sir Malta with his desire to see you and/or your family dead or injured is one of those reasons.

Via email from Jack M.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sir Malta

    • I think it’s the fact that they know they have no self-control, and they project their known psych problems onto others.

      As Joe keeps saying, they have mental issues.

  1. Isn’t it cute to watch someone demanding that you harm yourself, then hoping that someone else harms you… because he knows that you have a gun and he doesn’t?

    (He also knows that you have the discipline, and the honor, not to draw a gun over personal insults, or he’d not dare insult you. He probably also fears that, were he in your shoes, he’d most likely lack both the discipline AND the honor.)

    The only answer such a person deserves is a simple “No.” Or, if you prefer, you can leave off the last word.

  2. “You realize the only people who want these are those who can’t legally get guns, right?”

    Actually, I am one of the most law-abiding people you will ever meet, but I want a 3D gun or one that has been transferred from another gun owner so that this corrupt government does not know I have one. The NSA, BATFE, TSA, EPA, BLM, DHS, and all the other alphabet agencies have made it clear that the government hates me as a white Christian gun owner. It’s time we defy the government at every turn.

  3. “those who can’t legally get guns”
    Well, yeah, with the government in full surveillance and control mode, who else would need them?

  4. Also you have to love the “There aught to be a law!” syndrome!

    OH NO you can 3D print a gun! Except you can make one out of bar stock and/or sheet metal with a hand file, and the same laws apply.

    But more laws will make a difficult-to-enforce law possible!

    Mental problems.

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