Quote of the day—Melissa Challenger

Who are the sick women who are having children with these gun nazis? It makes me physically ill. There is something mentally disturbed about people who own more than one gun.

Melissa Challenger
March 9, 2015
Facebook comment on the CSGV page in response to this photo found on Shyanne Roberts Facebook page:


Shyanne, a ten year old competitive shooter, posted the picture with the following comment:

Teee Heee the first shipment of ammo from my sponsor Steel Ridge Ammunition showed up today !! So I decided to forget about snow angels and make an ammo angel instead !

VERY, VERY happy and cant wait to hit the range, thanks so much to the entire team at Steel Ridge Ammunition!

[Apparently Challenger is oblivious to the irony of calling someone a Nazi and advocates for forcing them to give up enjoying their sport and the exercise of their specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.

Challenger not only wants to take away your guns. She thinks people who own guns are mentally disturbed and doesn’t think gun owners should have have a spouse or children.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Melissa Challenger

  1. Interesting “more than one gun”. I wonder if she’d say the same thing about people who own more than one car. Or more than one book.
    I also wonder if she’d advocate forced sterilization next.

  2. Poor Ms. Challenger. It’s obvious that her SRBs departed for parts unknown shortly after launch.

  3. Wonder how she would react on finding my better half owns more (and prettier!) guns than I do?

  4. Hmm. Yes;
    Obsessed over who is deciding to have children, and with whom. Check.
    Wants to have her own definition of sanity based on politics. Check.
    Obsessed over how many guns a person has. Check.

    And she’s calling other people Nazis? I’ll give her a break though, because I very much doubt that she has any idea who the Nazis were (and are). For sure she doesn’t know that they’re Marxists, nor could she recite the English translation of Nazi as “National Socialist Workers’ Party”. Probably all she was ever taught about Nazis was that they were militaristic, they killed a lot of people and were “Right Wing” or “The Far Right”.

    Another very odd thing about the Progressive communists’ reporting on the Nazis is that they almost universally use “Fascist” to describe them. Certainly there was a short time when Fascists and Nazis officially worked together, but the German Nazi Party being almost universally referred to as “Fascists” is quite odd.

    I can only chalk it up to the collectivists’ general promotion of confusion. If nothing actually means anything, then anything I say, or anything in the U.S. constitution says, is indeed exactly on par with anything Charles Manson, Noam Chomsky or Barak Obaba say, it brings me and the constitution way down, and them way up.

  5. Note too how desperate for attention CSGV is that they have to troll facebook pages to get attention. I mock CSGV at every instance.

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