Mugme Street news

From the Seattle Police Blotter:

Bike patrol officers noticed a man near 3 Ave and Pike Street make a suspected narcotics sale around 2:30 PM. Officers contacted the man and found him to have a Federal warrant for his arrest.

After arresting the man, officers found him to be carrying about twenty-eight grams of methamphetamine valued at around $2000. Officers also discovered a loaded gun on the 40-year-old man, which had been reported stolen in Seattle.

3rd and Pike is ground zero of Mugme Street.


5 thoughts on “Mugme Street news

  1. please note:

    this guy was subject to the most restrictive “gun control” known …. he was under the supervision of a federal probation/parole officer.

    yet he had a weapon, and was engaging in criminal activity, or so the accusation goes.

    and, they have “gun control” in syria, iraq and lebanon, where i.s.i.s. thrives, along with every other sort of terror group imaginable.

    yet, the leftards think “gun control” will “work” here. (just like in it does in new york and chicago.***) amazing.

    john jay

    *** almost makes you think the leftards want to use an armed group of black teenage adolescents to terrorize the rest of us, doesn’t it. i have long thought that black crime is, in fact, asymmetrical warfare waged against the “middle class” for political gain. sort of the “provo wing” for the likes of sharpton & jackson, and obama & holder.

    • Actually, I think the current race war that is ongoing is the black versus Hispanic “gang” warfare. They are competitors for the same economic niche, so they off one another with abandon, just like jackals and hyenas on the plains defending their (literal) turf.

  2. Ain’t the war on drugs a wonderful thing? Raise your hands; who wants more of it?

    • Not me. But unfortunately most democrats as well as most republicans. Sigh.

  3. Saw some homeless person, middle of the afternoon, dropped their trousers, squatted down, and laid a deuce right in the marbled entry way of an office building there. Happened about two weeks ago.

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