Gun cartoon of the day


The misrepresentation, lies, and false implications of this cartoon are almost overwhelming.

I’ll just address a couple of points. There are many more than could be made in this piece of garbage.

The elephant obviously represents the Republican party. Anyone who claims any major political party in this country is so cold hearted as to deliberately disregard the deaths of the innocent victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy has some serious mental health issues. The participants in the gun law debates can disagree on the appropriate response to the event and still see the other side as caring human beings. This cartoonist sees those opposed to oppressive gun laws as something considerably less than human.

This is consistent with many other anti-gun people. They want you dead and portraying gun owners as less than human is one of the steps on the path to achieving that.


6 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. They may want us dead, but they may have a little harder time of accomplishing that feat as opposed to other past regimes.
    1 We still have guns
    2 The idea and techniques of 4th generation warfare has become more accepted and quite widespread.

  2. And yet what was the main thing they used Sandyhook to push?

    A background check law that would have changed *nothing*. Pushing a machete ban would have made as much sense.

    Oh, but *we’re* the ones that don’t care about victims.

    They will lie and then get angry when you call them out or refuse to play along.

    • Well, you know they just want “reasonable, common-sense safety rules,” by which they mean whatever further infringements it’s occurred to them to demand today, and they want us to “accept reasonable compromise,” by which they mean they want us to shut up, bend over, and let them do anything they want without so much as a word of objection.

    • Yep, a bunch of children were murdered in an elementary school by a mentally ill man who murdered his own mother in order to steal her guns and car.

      -The school was a “Gun Free Zone” and there were no lawfully held guns in the school until after police arrived and the killing was done.

      -The killer did not legally own, or take possession of the guns legally.

      -Nor the car he drove…

      -He didn’t legally have a carry permit for the handgun, nor was he of age to get said permit at the time.

      -Murder is illegal.

      All of this and they call for a law banning private transfers.

      Essentially the only relevant facts to the anti-gunners about Sandy Hook is that the children were A) Dead, and B) Had bullet holes in them.

      Yep, the pro-gun side is the one that has no regard for human life.

  3. How about we have a Democrat Donkey being ridden by the POTUS with a pen and a phone crushing Congress and the courts underneath and a banner on its head of “Forward, Socialists” if you want to see why we need firearms.

    By the way, the don’t give a rat’s ass about black on black drug trade violence in gun control cities like Washington D.C., Chicago, and New Jersey hell holes.

    Here I will sound totally callous, but in a free society, we do have to recognize the infrequent reality of homicidal rampages. If it is not done with a gun, it will be done with a car, a bomb, a machete, or arson. How can we best respond? Being armed and vigilant, but such tragedies are never far away. So, as noted above, gun free zones are stupid and detrimental to stopping these horrors.

  4. At least they’re now openly admitting that they believe dead people, and under-age people, deserve a vote. But they are of course discriminatory with regard to which dead and/or under-age people deserve a vote.

    I know almost none of you want this brought up, but would they be as enthusiastically promoting the idea that aborted babies deserve a vote?

    How about the hundreds of millions of people murdered by their own governments under the various Marxist regimes? Do they deserve a vote as to whether a government should be granted the power to decide who may and who may not be armed? Let’s take an imaginary poll of all those rounded up and murdered under communism, National Socialism, Fascism, et al, and ask them if they should have had their guns taken away for their own safety.

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