Quote of the day—Scott Montgomery @BvuePD

I’m not going to give my life for someone else. Someone else is going to have to take my life.

Scott Montgomery @BvuePD
Bellevue Washington Police Officer
February 10, 2015
Said during the presentation of Active Shooter Preparation at Newport High School in Bellevue Washington
[I went to this presentation half, maybe even three quarters, expecting the presentation to urge people to lockdown the building and hide under desks. This tactic was explicitly rejected.

I will have a full write up later today but the short version is that I was very pleased with what the police are now advising people to do in an active shooter situation.

They have explicitly rejected the concept of people acting like “sheep” and wait for the paid “sheepdog” to arrive and save them. Yes, he used “sheep”, “wolves”, and “sheepdogs” as labels. They are advising people think for themselves and mentally prepare to do what is best for themselves and other innocent life.

The above quote was given in the context of his mindset and that of his fellow officers when engaging an active shooter. And that should a private citizen have to fight they should have the same mindset.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Scott Montgomery @BvuePD

  1. Unexpected. Very unexpected.
    But from what I know of the education bureaucracy it’s an attitude that is unlikely to be adopted. I’d be thrilled if it were, but I would not give it good odds.

  2. This is AWESOME. I’m amazed that it happened in my home town and I didn’t know about it beforehand, though with the new job I might not have been able to be there in person and that might have been more frustrating. Anyway, I suspect Rolf is right, it is after all the police department (not the schools…) but it represents a move away from a life threatening perspective and it warms my heart. Teachers don’t give up their rights at work. that’s not what we should model for the kids in school. And kids in school shouldn’t be taught to lie down and die in the face of threats. Sure, BSD may not be changing but -at- -least- the good guys with guns are expressing a willingness to do the ethical thing when responding. I’m off to find Mr. Montgomery (and his bosses) contact information and write a thank you.

  3. The problem is that 90+% of people in the teaching profession are leftist sheeple who reject the idea of self-defense as “barbaric.”
    Until being trained and armed to protect their charges is part of their certification/job description, they will, by and large, refuse and express revulsion at the thought.
    Fine, let them find another occupation. I’d like my grandchildren to be looked after by custodians who can and will protect them, as I would if they were in my care.

    • What you say makes sense, because governments control schools, and they want docile subjects, not free citizens.

      • I was thinking more of the sort of people who run schools, not primarily the teachers. From the evidence of watching principals talking on TV news, it seems that anything above a room temperature IQ is an absolute disqualification for that job.

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  5. Yeah, firearms are a vocal topic for a lot of folks in education but you’ll find that the ones shutting up about often feel just as strongly and you don’t notice the numbers because they’re quiet.

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