3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—CSGV ‏@CSGV

  1. That would be “guns”, by the way. Plural, which is “arsenal” in Left-Speak. Just sayin’, and that would mean serial fondling, being that it’s difficult to fondle more than about two at a time. Also, each has its own special needs, must be fondled in certain ways, and you don’t want to touch the trigger until the time is just right. Then, after discharge, or better yet multiple discharges, then its time to clean up, and start planning for the next fondling session.

    There’s nothing like stuffing a hot load in the chamber, (I go with lubed balls but other people have different methods) then capping the nipples and letting go, followed by a good long work-over with my ram rod. That’s with a front-stuffer of course. Some people like loading from the back.

  2. Is this really an official tweet from CSGV? It boggles the mind.

    It is beyond idiotic for an organization to post such silliness and then expect that any of their policy recommendations be taken seriously.

    Imagine is the NRA made such a comment. The criticism would be epic. For CSGV, crickets. Well, there is your proof that the media is utterly leftist scum.

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