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Acts of nature are not things that the common man can easily rebel against. People rebel against governments and corrupt despots all the time, but not the plague. If a viral pandemic strikes, nearly everything a government does after the fact, no matter how corrupt or destructive, can be rationalized as necessary for the greater good of the greater number. If anyone does rebel, they will be labeled as pure evil, for they are now disrupting the government’s ability to stop the pandemic from spreading, and thus, are partly responsible for the mass deaths that follow.

During a viral outbreak, government becomes mother, father, nurse and protector. No matter how abusive they are, most people will still look to them for safety and guidance, primarily because they have no knowledge of disease. What they do not understand, they will fear, and fear always drives the ignorant into the arms of tyrants.

Brandon Smith
October 8, 2014
An Ebola Outbreak Would Be Advantageous For Globalists
[While the article has a fair amount of tin foil hat material in it I think the above is probably true.

I was talking to son James the other evening about our government’s response to Ebola and he said the one good thing that is coming out is that it makes it more clear just how incompetent our government is. My counter to that was to many people that will just mean the government needs still more power. To far too many people the answer to every government failure is to give them more power or to put “the right people” in charge.

And if we wanted to venture into the land of the tin foil hat we could hypothesize that Ebola is a crisis our government is not going to let go to waste.—Joe]


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  1. “And if we wanted to venture into the land of the tin foil hat we could hypothesize that Ebola is a crisis our government is not going to let go to waste.”

    …except that is NOT a whacko theory. Why did THIS Government depart from all previous Governments regarding it’s reaction to a pendemic threat? The Pasteur-based science on handling pandemics has not changed, so since disease control is a scientific process, why was the science abandoned in favor of weak sociological reasoning?

    This being a life-or-death matter, why is this decision being hidden from us if not to actually gain political advantage from the pandemic? Don’t try to sell me Administration incompetence as the reason. This is Public Health 101, and the Government has plenty of public health doctors at it’s disposal with the requisite knowledge to institute a proper quarantine policy as Europe has done.

    • I have always resisted wearing the tin foil hat, but lately the world seems dead set on making me try one on. And damned if it doesn’t fit.

  2. We have arrived at the stage where calling those in government incompetent is giving them the benefit of any doubt. I say it’s being extreme, calling them incompetent– Extremely generous, given what they’ve been saying and doing, over and over, for the last several generations.

    Once caught with his hands in the cookie jar, every criminal will take desperate measures to get himself declared incompetent. It’s the best he can hope for, because the alternative is either life in prison or the gallows. By calling them incompetent you’re helping them out, handing them their best and only defense, and possibly tampering with the jury in advance of the trial.

    I say that of you need absolute, clinching proof of how Obama and Company think, you need only listen to Reverend Wright for thirty seconds. After 9/11 he gleefully shouted;
    “America’s CHICKENS!…Have come home!…To ROOST!”
    And the congregation cheered. Barak taught radical theory such as Sol Alinsky in college, was raised by pissed off communists, promised to “Fundamentally Transform America” and his wife has said openly and proudly that “We must change our traditions and our history”. Add to all that the Progressive agenda that’s been here, growing, for the last 100 years, and the Silent Spring/Global Cooling/Global Warming/Climate Change thinking, and the focused, deliberate lawlessness of the Holder Justice Department and the IRS, and that fact that we’ve emboldened them by doing nothing, and you have all the makings of wide scale disaster.

    There is no more doubt from which you can give them any benefit.

    Our problem is that we’re equally guilty, for not stopping this now, or yesterday, or 20 years ago, or 100 years ago. It is being said of Obama that he personally isn’t doing the wrong things– he’s just intentionally not doing the right things. To the extent that that is true, it would be like the fire department that juuuust doesn’t respond quite fast enough, or in quite the right way, to stop the spread of the fire, to the home of family the Fire Chief hates. “We did everything we could. We followed all the protocols and, regretfully, it just wasn’t enough. If only we had the tools and resources…”

    Fool me once; shame on you! Fool me one hundred fifty thousand times over the course of 100 years….

  3. I ca only wish these assholes would come to try them to take them themselves, but they will send armed goons in their stead, financed by my tax dollars. They will meet the same fate, but it would be much more satisfying to deal with the real perpetrators personally.

  4. Which is exactly the reason behind the Obola regime response to this problem, it can be summed up in two words, martial law.

  5. The issue is one that is as old as politics. It’s not what government does in direct response to the threat. It’s ALL the other evil things it does using that
    threat as cover or an excuse for what they do. That is the source for the
    Rahm Emanuel statement about never letting a crisis go to waste.

    • The other issue is that governments NEVER do the thing that would actually solve the problem. They only ever do the things that do NOT solve the problem, but can be used as an excuse for ever-growing spending and ever-growing intrusiveness.
      The “war on poverty” and “war on drugs” are two textbook examples. So are recessions — brought to you by the government, and lengthened by government policies (as in the Great Depression and the Second Depression we now have). Prohibition is yet another example; the big surprise is that it was actually repealed.

      • I think “NEVER” is a bit strong. The first counter example that comes to mind is when our government dropped a couple nukes on Japan.

        There are probably other problems which would benefit from similar solutions but that is different topic.

        • Ok, keep “never” but add “civilian”. The military does get things right a fair fraction of the time (so long as it isn’t told to do PC crap like lead-free bullets or biodiesel fuel for the fighter jets).

  6. If Barack Obama isn’t “the right people” to these folks, then I’m waiting with baited breath to see who could possibly be.

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