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  1. Never mind the people who live in gun-banning Utopias who are more likely to be murdered than if they lived any of those states where owning a gun is something you don’t even think about. My Father would have NEVER called himself a “Gun Owner”, yet until recently he owned 2 guns for most of his life. They were just things he had, and in rural Maine every kid had at least one gun by the time they were 10. In Maine you don’t “Own a gun” until you have more than 5.

    I must say while puerile and offensive, “gunsterbators” is refreshingly witty from this witless crowd. I wonder who thought of it for him, because “small wee wee” is about par for the course.

  2. This guy has to be the definition of an imbecile. Already knowing what I’d find, I took a look at the shaven head, goatee wearing hipster and his driveling. Not doing Twitter, my thoughts are, “who gives a shit what you’re doing minute by minute”? Even more so, who wants to pay attention to that constant stream of consciousness blather?

    Pro football with it all in Progressive culture is a good match for SFB’s. It seems that each time I remind myself not to pre-judge people, I’m disappointed to find they hold to their stereotype.

  3. In the quote is the admission that “sensible” gun laws are in fact anti-liberty. Then we’re sold the idea that so long as they’re anti-liberty only to THOSE PEOPLE, the gunsterbators, then anti-liberty becomes a good thing. Thus the concept that progressives/authoritarians seek “liberation” from the concept that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.

    It’s plain old bigotry in this case. We can rearrange it a little to put it into perspective;
    “Wanting sensible racial purity laws isn’t anti-liberty to anyone but the big nosed Torah thumpers who are terrified of honest work.” Same identical bigotry, same identical logic, different target.

    I don’t expect that to actually change anyone’s mind though, being that Progressives are usually also anti-Semite.

      • Mm hm, just like saying “He can’t be dishonest. He’s a liar” which I’m sure was your point. We could do this all day;
        It’s not cold outside, there’s just very, very little heat. It’s not cloudy. There’s just a lot of condensed water in the air, blocking the sun. I’m not poor. I just don’t have any wealth. I’m not in debt. I just owe a lot of people a lot of money. I’m not a fool. I just constantly make poor decisions. I’m not wet. I just have a lot of water all over me. I’m not on fire, I just have some rapid oxidation going on, with the attendent light and heat output. Geeze! Don’t be so judgemental!

        • I think you described it perfectly. They have been washed in the blood of marx, and are free of responsibility, (sin).

  4. personally, i think it is the anti-gunners who have the small cocks. and, the small balls and/or absence of same. they use words like “wee wee” and “peenie,” and are afraid to speak english.

    hey, you limp dicked dumbshits, say cock when you mean cock. be a man about it. fucking sissies.

    john jay

  5. Dennis, I must point out that the only thing smaller than our wee wees are Liberals brains.

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