Quote of the day—Vincent Gray

Guns are not the answer, ladies and gentlemen. Guns would not have saved the victims of the Navy Yard.

Vincent Gray
Mayor of Washington D.C.
September 17, 2014
Gray Calls For ‘Real Gun Control’ At Navy Yard Ceremony, Says D.C.’s Laws May Be ‘Relaxed’
[Then what was the purpose of the guns in the hands of the responding police officers? And why do many of the politicians in his jurisdiction have armed guards?

This guy has crap for brains. Or else he thinks you do.—Joe]


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  1. He refers to “victims”… That’s the mindset that these people have and want to inflict upon the citizens of this country. They don’t want people that have the inclination or will to rely upon themselves, they want a dependent citizenry who looks to “the government” for its answers, security and thoughts.

    • Spend time working with badge carriers, and you find that they have only three labels for people:

      government or department employees



      And, if you look a bit closer, it really devolves to two categories:

      us (.gov functionary or agent), versus

      Others (citizens) (I use the term “Others” deliberately)

      This mentality is the root cause of most of our problems with government at all levels, I believe.

  2. It’s also amazing that the antis would even touch this.

    I mean demanding that a Military Facility be gun free? Okay then.

    Course if memory serves the attacker in this example had a Biden-aproved shotgun he bought at an FFL, and had a security clearance. So neither background checks!!!1! nor EBR/handgun ban! are applicable either.

    Doesn’t stop ’em though.

    • But indeed, military facilities ARE disarmed victim zones, by official policy most recently perpetrated, if I remember correctly, by Bill Clinton (though it goes back much further).
      I remember some idiot general defending this policy a day or two after Ft. Hood with comments along the lines of: we think of ourselves as a family, so we don’t expect people to go armed around here.
      Mama Liberty knows better.

      • That merely increases the insanity doesn’t it?

        Course when faced with the failure of gun free zones the anti’s response is “BIGGER!”

      • Standard socialist practice.
        The purpose of private enterprise activities is to identify problems, then fix them. Success is measured by “problem fixed”.
        The purpose of government activities is to create stories about supposed problems, then create programs that will NEVER fix the problem, but will employ an ever growing quantity of parasites. Success is measured by “how big is my empire”. Failure is defined as “the problem was fixed”.

  3. The hell he says. And at a military base no less. We’re not even talking about a civilian whose training might range from ‘maybe a weekend now and then’ to ‘the range officers greet me by name and ask about my dog’, but the actual military — you know, the people they insist should be the only ones (aside from cops) with access to weapons.

    Man, this level of stupid is positively dumbfounding. It’s like a textual equivalent of watching a man throw himself into a wall, repeatedly.

    • It’s not stupid. It’s cunning. They know from decades of experience that they’re fooling a certain number of people. You don’t need to fool everyone to have your own, quite impressive, little kingdom.

      Look at Jim Jones– He had total dominion over his flock, right before he killed them all.

      Vincent Gray is not talking to you or me. He knows we see right through him. Doesn’t matter. He’ll look at us and snicker. He has his flock. He’s talking to his flock, and they’ll listen. Many of them have no choice. They depend on him.

  4. When an incident like that so clearly exposes the anti liberty narrative for the deadly lie that it is, the antis have no choice but to try their best at damage control. Vincent Gray’s quote is a desperate attempt at damage control.

    Don’t ever expect an anti to reflect, apologize and change his tune just because he’s been proven wrong.

    It’s never been about any of that. It’s all about, “What can I get away with and who can I fool today?” And they’re VERY good at their game.

    • Ignornace is Strength.

      They know that the more someone knows about firearms, the more personal experience a person has, the eaiser their lies are to counter.

      This is why they work to keep people afraid of fireams and in areas where they hold sway work specifically on barriers to people getting their *first* gun.

      • Exactly, and where they hold sway they REALLY hold sway– They have a lot of people dependent upon them. It’s deeply corrupt, entirely pathological.

        They have an Achilles Heel though. They know that if people in their ranks begin to understand the situation, or that if the gravy train that feeds their supporters should be threatened, they’re in for some serious consequences, and they fear this more than anything.

        They CANNOT stop lying. The situation they’ve put themselves in (they’re criminals in every sense of the word) will force them to double down every time, rather than face the truth. Thereby, they will eventually bury themselves, but along with them they’ll take down as many people as possible in the process.

  5. For Liberals guns are never the answer for free and law abiding people, unless they are used to subjugate those same folks.

    • There’s a lot of projection. You read through that thread on SV and you’ll see things like ‘I can’t imagine going around with something that could kill people so easily, it would make me sick with horror!’ and somesuch.

      Which makes me wonder if these people have ever used a power tool, or a car.

      A firearm is a tool. It is a dangerous tool, yes — but ultimately it is a tool, and the result is the intent and action of the wielder.

      Someone once asked me if I was scared of snakes. I said I wasn’t afraid of them, but I was properly wary and cautious around them like all wild animals, especially venomous snakes. That’s how you handle firearms. You don’t let your fear rule you, you accept it’s a tool that doesn’t take mishandling well and you use your brains to avoid any missteps.

      Gun-banning liberals, by nature, tend to rely on feelings and instinct, and as a result their fear rules them. And since they project so heavily, they assume everyone else feels the same way. And that’s why they believe guns emit some kind of psychopathy-inducing radiation.

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