Quote of the day—Justin Anderson

It’s strictly prohibited and we are not in the habit of making exceptions. But we certainly do everything we possibly can to make all our students feel safe. We feel that it is a top priority.

Justin Anderson
Spokesman for Dartmouth college
Gun Control Rule At Dartmouth College Denies Taylor Woolrich Protection From Stalker With ‘Rape Kit’
[I think I see the problem here. Dartmouth only cares about feelings. They care about the feelings of their students and they feel about making those feelings “a top priority”. They don’t have respect for the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. They ignore the reality that their feelings do nothing to protect her from the reality of a confirmed stalker intent on raping her. They ignore the reality that her carrying a defensive tool might help her as well as make her feel safer.

There was a time when people that disconnected from reality were put in mental institutions. That probably isn’t a legal option in this case but you would think they could be prosecuted for conspiracy to deny her rights.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Justin Anderson

  1. It’s ok, if any happens to her I’m sure they’ll hold a candlelight vigil.

  2. How about our young lady send in an very public resignation on the basis that the school is actively enabling a rapist and failing to provide a safe & secure environment then sue the school for refund of all funds, fees, tuition, damages, etc. The more public this is, the better.

  3. It’s unfortunate she asked. If she hadn’t, she could have just carried with no one the wiser. If I remember NH law correctly, about all they could do to her if they had noticed is to tell her to leave the premises and charge her with trespassing if she refused.
    But now that she has asked, she’s on notice that she’s not allowed to carry there. She still could, but at that point it might be as much as a misdemeanor if she’s caught.

    • It’s more than just the law though. She could also be expelled from school. That could be extremely expensive and take a year or two out of your life as you get into another school and probably retake classes.

  4. She should lawyer up. Failure to protect has been the law with regards to landlords re known crime in the neighborhood for 50 years. Assuming Dartmouth is a private entity, that is no real extension of existing law to hold Dartmouth liable. If Dartmouth should happen to to be a state entity, providing housing is not a traditional state activity sufficient to give it immunity, so it falls on that basis. As for nothing has happened yet, lawyer up anyway, there is a specific, articulable and cognizable threat to her, and the school should react with real and effective measures.
    The bad publicity of how empty the “Take Back the Night” demonstrations have been and how the school has not acted in an effective manner should help, too.

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