Quote of the day—Don Gwinn

We’ve reached a level of cultural domination where the most effective anti-gun groups have adopted a strategy of demanding concealed carry.

Don Gwinn
July 27, 2014
Comment on Facebook about MDA Supporters Protest TOPLESS Against Texas Open Carry Group (bonus Markley’s law in one of the pictures)
[There is a certain amount of truth to that.

In the article the author says he failed to see the connection “between bullets and boobs”. But it seems to me it was all about open carry. Just for the record, I’m fine with the open carry of bullets, guns, or boobs.—Joe]


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  1. Hippies (i.e. Idiots useful to communists) learned long ago that, although they can’t win an argument or convince people of anything using logic, they can at least get a lot of attention and win young, unsuspecting followers by taking off their clothes or other wise trying to shock people. Not unlike the feces-throwing monkey, the naked hippie will consider it a victory if enough people are shocked, disgusted or outraged to get them some press coverage. It is an accomplishment in and of itself.

    You “raise awareness” to your issue of the day by getting naked, and if anyone complains (or even looks at you) you accuse them of being uptight and backward, or lecherous, thus proving that you’re right and they’re wrong.

    It appears to have worked in this case, given the number of people talking about it.

    • I bet it worked better in the 60s and 70s when these hippies were still in their prime.

      As I’ve been noting, gun control is really most strongly supported, almost to the point of exclusivity by these aging hippie.

      They are really having a hard time finding new blood.

      Of course I could care less if they bare their breasts, or the condition of said breasts. Being a Libertarian means I have no right to NOT be offended. Much like how I don’t breath deeply through my nose when entering a highway rest stop, or portable toilet, If a woman is walking around topless and doesn’t look great I just move on with my day.

      The hard part is when a woman walks by me topless and DOES look great…

  2. “Cultural Domination?” What ever happened to “Having a Dialogue?”

    What’s next? “The Subject is Closed?” All the People who support the RKBA are now “Deniers and Clingers?”

    Good thing these Idiots think that by Blathering to their Cronies in the MSM that they think they have “Won.”

    Wonder what would happen if they tried to do some ACTION against a Hundred Million Gun Owners, instead of just Jabber-Jawing.

    • I don’t wonder. Neither do they.

      That’s why they want laws passed, so they have an excuse to send uniformed men with guns to arrest/detain/kill those Hundred Million Gun Owners, and seize/confiscate their private and lawfully-held guns.

  3. But, but… the science is settled. Consensus, you know, the new scientific method! It worked for the global warming guys, why not us? It did work for them, right? I mean you can’t listen to those neanderthal luddites… right?

  4. Ahh, the city of Austin, just 20 short miles and a complete mental breakdown from where I live in Round Rock, TX.

    Yes, bare chests are legal in Austin for both men and women. Unfortunately, it is mainly the 50+ crowd who practice shirtless protests in public.

    There is also a nude beach, out on the lake nearby, called Hippie Hollow. I am reliably informed that the crowd there is positively geriatric. That alone has kept me from visiting it in the 15 years I’ve lived here.

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  6. Did you see some of the boobs in question? My psyche is damaged now and I lost my lunch yesterday. But, I’m not a booblophobe so I guess get over it.
    Oh: and if you get interested in the view from Eastern Idaho plz check out my issue with my Kampgrounds of America neighbor and their hoplophobes.

  7. Austin; too small to form its’ own republic, too large for a mental colony.

  8. The use of drugs and sex to ensnare converts was mentioned briefly by Bill Ayers and his “wife” in the commentary track of newer production of the Weather Underground documentary.
    BTW going by his ear piercings Bill swings both ways

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