6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Trysha (@MapleysMorsels)

  1. To get away from the puerile dick-talk.

    I have a lot to offer the world, and a lot of people who I care for, and care for me.

    Because of that I carry a gun. There is so much for me to go home that I will make sure that I WILL get home no matter what happens.

    People who don’t believe in self defense don’t have much value to their life.

    Also given that this dude seems focused on penises….well I’ll let you finish that thought! 😉

  2. Let’s call a spade a shovel here: the gun control “movement” has an offshoot which has become a cult. Was it ever anything else? Our society treats cults with short shrift, once a cult is identified as such. After reading several years worth of Markley Mondays posts, I believe that you have more than enough evidence to present the cult-case, and I implore you to do so.

    If this cult can be properly and convincingly identified to the public, it may take the entire gun control cabal with it into the dustbin of history. At the very least, the political gun control movement would be badly damaged by it’s association with the cult.

    Another benefit of cult-identification might be to apply the Establishment Clause to the gun control movement. Like radical environmentalism, gun control gains such strength as it has by reverse-engineering Natural Law, and those reverse-engineering results are, by definition, religious tenets. If the Progressives can ban societal rules derived from Judeo-Christian religious culture, surely we can ban attempts to subvert Natural Law, which is the basis of all rationality.

    It’s a cult, it’s always been a cult, it will always be a cult. We must shun it.

  3. friends:

    we should not be dismissive of people we don’t understand.–

    we should find out from trysha just what it is that she does stroke, in order to feel important. if the cost is not prohibitive, maybe i could buy two of them, and be doubly important. maybe trysha might let me stroke it, too, and we both could benefit? i don’t know, … , i just hope trysha has good hygiene, and brushes regularly.

    i hope it tingles up my leg.

    maybe i could get a whole bunch, and horde them, to prepare for the “stroke outage.” just sayin.’

    john jay
    136 s.e. 8th avenue
    milton freewater, oregon 97862

  4. It doesn’t make sense, anyway. Does this person speak English as a second language?

  5. Yeah, I ‘spect that hers is mostly soft plastic – except for the battery compartment.

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