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Here we go, some racist right wing wacko judge being an “activist”. Let’s see how fast the cowardly GOP lawmakers allow guns at the Capitol building or at their Snow White political conventions. They won’t because they are full of you know what. Meanwhile the terrorist NRA organization celebrates getting closer to another massacre of kids by some right wing nut job.

Mark Wilson
July 27, 2014
Comment to Judge: D.C. ban on handguns in public unconstitutional
[“Snow White political conventions”? “Terrorist NRA celebrates … massacre of kids by right wing nut job”?

I wonder what color the sky is in his universe.—Joe]



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  1. I’m always amazed at the number of white people who turn out for Republican political events. It’s amazing to me because it doesn’t match what I see at other events. Where are the Asians? The Hispanics? The blacks? It’s almost like trying to find Waldo… Snow White conventions indeed!

    • Do the moronic racist attacks, make up for being a loser on the wrong side of history?

    • So what your are saying is that both you and Mark Wilson have such a weak position philosophically speaking that you have to throw the race card into a discussion, despite the discussion having absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with the principles of freedom and choice? I bet you cannot even articulate why the judges decision is racist, since the decision applies equally to all persons travailing in DC regardless of race. Not that I expect you to reply, since you make a habit of throwing poo and then leaving. At least in past cases we could ascribe that to ignorance, this one is just pure trolling.

      And before you get your hopes up that you are causing us grief, you are not. Instead you are just giving us ammo to use against your side when talking to people who may be on the fence. You wold not believe how effective that tactic is. There have been times when I have convinced people just by browsing the CSGV/Everytown facebook pages. “See how unhinged these people are? Do you really think any of their arguments would survive even cursory scrutiny?”

      Of course I still do not know if you believe half of the drivel you spout here, you could just be throwing poo for the sake of throwing poo, not out of any sense of (false) enlightenment. If you are just a troll, or even a genuine false flag, congratulation, you have got the anti-freedom side down pat. You are doing a pitch perfect rendition of many people I have spoken to directly. Keep up the “good” work I guess. It is not like this world needs any more examples of collective stupidity. . .

      • Did you not read what Joe wrote? He wrote ““Snow White political conventions”?”

        Obviously, since he put a question mark in there, he doesn’t understand what that means. Perhaps he thinks “Snow White” refers to Disney characters? I was merely clarifying what “Snow White” refers to since I understand the original posters language.

        Amazing how all of you think I’m a racist just because I can interpret that particular idiom. I’m trying to enlighten Joe, so he’ll understand what “Snow White political conventions” are.

        • I knew what they meant by “Snow White…”. I was questioning the accuracy of the statement. I don’t think of the GOP as “white” any more than the left. The first counter examples that come to mind are Condoleezza Rice, Thomas Sewell, and Clarence Thomas.

          • That poll I posted above has some numbers for you. (Unlike a lot of polls, they polled over 300,000 people. That’s a huge sample.)

          • 11% non-white is not what I would consider “Snow White”. And unless you are racist the skin color of the members are irrelevant. What matters are the policies.

            The GOP has a much better record on policies that benefit non-whites than the Democrats. From the Civil Rights acts in the 60’s (GOP created and opposed by most Democrats) through the family destroying welfare programs created by the Democrats non-whites have much better lives with GOP legislators and executives.

          • I am honestly surprised you are still here ubu.

            Of course you still have not told us why you think race is important to this conversation in the first place since, again, this is a conversation about principles. I do not care if the principle of freedom and liberty is held by exclusively “white” people, that does not make it wrong (conversely, it does not make it right either). Principles are either right or wrong based solely on their merits, not base on who believes in them. Interjecting race into this conversation is disingenuous and dishonest.

            And of course the racial breakup by skin color is in itself incorrect, even if we accept it as a culture. There are many more uniquely identifiable ethnicities than there are skin colors. Just because a group has a relatively homogeneous skin color does not mean it is ethnically homogeneous as well.
            And all of this is before we even get to the issue of calling a group that has close to the national average distribution of race “snow white” unless we are talking about some very dirty snow.

        • Sorry, ubu, it’s hard to enlighten others without being enlightened yourself.

          And you’re not.

  2. What right wing nut job massacring children is he referring to? Or is there a sort of poshumous declaration of rightwingedness similar to how the deceased in Chicago all begin to vote Democrat?

  3. Well, those with Concealed Handgun Licenses can carry today in the Texas State Capitol. Lord knows we aren’t perfect and have some gun rights issues to correct, but we got that one right.

    Of course, the whole issue with guns rights going sideways started with Carpetbaggers coming down and having fears about some (or all) of the recent Veterans not embracing their views and agenda (probably justified).

    ‘Nother discussion for another day…

  4. Oh, Ubu, you still can’t get your Facts Straight. Have you checked the News lately? Did you hear that the GOP has selected Cleveland, Ohio as the sight of their next Convention? And, if you had bothered to check the Racial Make-Up of Cleveland (which only took me a couple of minutes due to my Slow Internet), you would find that, according to the OBAMA Administration’s last Census Count, you would realize that Cleveland, Ohio has just under 400,000 people, with 53.3% being African-American, 37.3% being White (actually 33.4% NON-HISPANIC Whites) with the rest being made up of “Other Races.” So, the EVIL RACIST REPUBLICANS seem to feel Comfortable having a Convention in a Place where their Lily- White Butts are Out-Numbered 2-1.

    But Wait! There’s More! Did you know that Cleveland, Ohio has a BLACK DEMOCRATIC Mayor named Frank Jackson? Who is a MAIG Member, BTW. Did you know that MOST of the Cleveland City Council is BLACK and DEMOCRAT? Did you know that the County Executive (a Government Organization formed a few years ago to handle all the Local Government Functions in Cuyahoga County, where Cleveland is) is run by a guy named Ed Fitzgerald, who just so happens to be running for State Governor on the DEMOCRATIC Ticket? But Unfortunately to people like you, he’s had the misfortune of picking the Wrong Parents while in the Womb, so he ended up being White.

    But be that as it may, what does all that have to do with the GOP Convention? Why, all those Uber-Liberal Progressive Democratic Politicians BUSTED THEIR COLLECTIVIST ASSES to GET the Convention, and they WON!

    Oh, and they decided to STOP their Bid for the Democratic Convention, because they felt they would be “Too Stretched Out” if they Won. So, the DEMOCRATS in Cleveland seem to have Embraced the Republicans, even though they know that there will probably be a Bunch of Uber-Liberal “Occupy/SEIU/Treehugging Protestors” in Town, raising Hate and Discontent while Smashing Up Store Fronts. But they’re will to take the risk for one simple reason.

    Money. Money being Spent on Hotels, Food, Drinks, Night Life, the Casino, Taxis, Plane Fares, etc.

    Why, it’s as if the Local Democrats are acting like…Dare I say It?.. REPUBLICAN CAPITALISTS!

    How do I know all this? Simple. I live about 25 miles from Downtown Cleveland.

    Oh, just for your Information, it seems that Ohio just so happens to have “Shall Issue” Concealed Carry, “Open Carry,” “Castle Doctrine” which applies to one’s Vehicle AND Hotel Rooms, Carry in Bars with a Permit (but No Drinking; think of being able to go TGIFridays w/o being Busted) and Good Reciprocity with about 40 other States. And when Cleveland tried to NOT Follow State Law a few years back citing “Home Rule,” they were handed their Heads in a Sack, because in Ohio, State Law has “Preemption” regarding Fire Arms Laws.

    Which means, as long as I stay out of the “Gun Free Zones,” I can Open Carry AND/Or Conceal Carry (with a Permit) any where in Cleveland that I wish.

    Which means those Republican Delegates who have a Permit that Ohio recognizes can do the same thing. They’ll just have to Check them at the Door of the Convention Center.

    But it does mean that if they are caught up in a Riot, they have a Means of Self-Defense.

    Unlike those Liberal Bastions of Progressivism like New York City, Chicago, Los Angles, Washington, DC, et.al.

    So bring your RACIST PREJUDICED SELF to Cleveland in the Summer of 2016. You might get to see how Freedom actually works. But you probably would run home Peeing Your Pants back to the arms of Your Nanny State, you RACIST P.O.S.

    Have a Nice Day!

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