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The more guns the more killing. The gun culture is mass insanity. “Responsible gun-ownership” is an oxymoron. Any implement specifically designed to kill people is intrinsically evil. Total disarmament could save the species. Shoot the Second Amendment. The Fifth Commandment is right. Killing is wrong. Ban all weapons while we still have a shot at it.

June 22, 2014
Comment to Gun controversy lost on new shooting stars
[Via Jeff.

Simple solutions from simple minds.

Don’t ever let anyone get away telling you no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Pangur-Uaine

  1. Wow, except for that whole part where more people are going armed in America than any time in recent history and violent crime is DOWN, not UP.

    Oh and isn’t the 5th Commandment “Honor Thy Father and Mother”?

    Still the commandment he was mentioning was against MURDER. Lots of hero figures in the bible killed other people, and many religious crimes were punished by death. The simple act of killing another person is neither good nor evil without context, and like most anti-gun people they ignore righteous killing because it just doesn’t suit their agenda.

    • You and I both know what that commandment says.
      However, everything is up for grabs with these people,
      reality is what they say it is.

  2. This is the sort of incoherent sobbing you get when gun-grabbers can’t win an argument with logic.

    • Worse. It’s what you get when the sobbing emoteicon not only can’t win a logical argument, they can’t even make a logical argument.

      • The argument also requires they live in complete isolation from reality. Dad loves to bludgeon people like this with the Warren vs DC case (the one that led to Heller).

        ‘The cops will protect us!’ ‘The cops are not legally obligated to protect you, as per SCOTUS. Have fun with that.’

        And even if they were, the time differential is not in your favor. Better to have a weapon at hand if Joe Thug kicks in your door, rather than flee/hide and hope the cops get there soon.

        • National average police response time is, IIRC, 11 minutes – FROM THE TIME OF THE 911 CALL.

          How long does it take to die?

          Cops don’t PREVENT crime (that would actually be impossible, even if they had the authority to proactively imprison people for “looking shifty”).

          They gather evidence and apprehend the perpetrators AFTERWARDS. Because that’s all humans CAN do to protect third parties they aren’t actually physically present to protect at the time of the attack. And how many muggers, rapists, and armed burglers CHOOSE to attack when a police car is sittiung RIGHT THERE?

  3. If he’s referring to “Thou Shalt Not Murder,” one could point out that self-defense doesn’t qualify.

    Not that it would make the slightest difference.

  4. Astonishingly ignorant, irrational, bigoted, hateful, and authoritarian. That’s a Progressive. It’s also what’s being promoted in public schools, and we’re paying for it. Why?

    “Ban all weapons while we still have a shot at it.”
    Again; totally detached from reality. You Progressives don’t have a shot at it. Not really. The best you can do is stir up a lot of trouble, which I suppose is the only real goal.

    Pangur-Uaine is probably just play-acting for his desired social group, trying to score brownie points. Fortunately there are some good comments there as well.

    • Ban all weapons. Someone’s never seen that Jackie Chan movie where he beats the hell out of a gang of thugs with a stepladder.

  5. Also note how readilly they’ll go to “Argumentum ad Jesus”

    Though I guess we can add theology to the list of things they’re ignorant on.

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