Quote of the day—Robert J. Avrech

The truth is that the left are the religious fanatics. It is they who excommunicate non-believers; it is they who shrilly denounce heretics; it is they who hold kangaroo courts where guilt and punishment are preordained.

Robert J. Avrech
April 7, 2014
Homo Fascism and the Mozilla Moment
[The left doesn’t have a monopoly on religious fanaticism but they certainly do have their share of true believers, crusaders, and history of persecutions.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Robert J. Avrech

  1. It is faith in, and worship of, the god of the omnipotent state. All who oppose it are blasphemers and infidels (sub-human scum). I’ve commented many times over many years on the apparent kinship, or brotherhood, or natural bond of fellowship,, between Progressives, communists and jihadists. They are soul mates. They have their disagreements, but they share the common bond of hatred for human liberty and lust for total control. Their common enemy is the honest, bright, strong, productive, self-reliant, innovative, intuitive, free citizen.

    I just wish more people would be less surprised at this stuff. It’s entirely predictable as it repeats all throughout human history in wave after wave after tsunami. It gets beaten down for a time, here or there, but all the while it is re-grouping and re-forming right under our noses. It’s never stopped because it’s never seen for what it is.

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