Law for thee, not for me

I’m sure we are all shocked when a gun-control activist is caught with a gun. Oh, the horror, how could it happen? But when he’s caught carrying in an elementary school? That’s just another day in Buffalo, NY. He committed what was a simple misdemeanor, that was turned into a felony by a law he helped pass. The SWAT was a total over-reaction, but I hope they make him rot in jail for a LOOOOONG time. Not because I think what he did was wrong, but because it’s a law he supported and help pass to punish people exercising an enumerated right.

Schadenfreude at it’s most ironic.


5 thoughts on “Law for thee, not for me

  1. As a bunch of the comments point out: want to take bets on the odds of this guy not actually being prosecuted for anything?

    • Good point, and in any case we need to be careful about being selective when it comes to rights protection.

      • If he’s going to be prosecuted for anything, it would rightly be for advocating rights violations.

  2. It brought a tear to my eye.

    From stifling the laughter.

    But I’m also conflicted, do I gloat that he was hoist on his on petard? Or morn another person losing their rights? Either way at least he might get a clue now.

    • “Or morn [sic] another person losing their rights?”

      It remains to be seen whether he actually will lose any rights. “Some animals are more equal,” after all.

      I’d only consider forgiving him if he started advocating *against* SAFE as energetically as he’d advocated *for* it.

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