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I understand why sociopaths can be scary — we don’t have any of the emotional barriers. But empaths can be scary too, especially when their emotional sense of right and wrong overwhelms rational barriers.

M.E. Thomas
February 4, 2014
J’Accuse: Twitter justice
[I found this incredibly insightful. She is right. “FOR THE CHILDREN!!!”, is just one example. Gun control is an example. The facts don’t matter. The constitutional limits don’t matter. Natural law and the right to self-defense don’t matter. All that matters is “gun violence.”

Their emotional sense of right and wrong has overwhelmed all rational barriers and they are willing send innocent people to concentration camps because GUNS (H/T to David Hardy):

One could make the argument that a society would be better off with sociopathic public servants who are subject to complete transparency and strictly enforced rules than empathic ones and little accountability.—Joe]


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  1. I sort of agree, but I’d say that those in government don’t matter nearly as much as the people at large. There are no “strictly enforced rules” that will ever stand up for long unless the population is able to discern right from wrong and stand for right.

    We just saw how easy it is to convince some people to sign a petition to send law-abiding, peaceful citizens to concentration camps and even kill them en masse. No law, no constitution, no man-made system of checks and balances can prevent that.

    The bottom line is that people in power will always push their limits, and when they find we’re not willing to use force to stop them, they’ll take that as a green light to continue and to expand. “Oh sure, but times have changed” and “That was all well and good when those limits were enacted, but THIS is an emergency” will continue to reverberate through the rest of time, and people will fall for it in every single instance.

    It was said of TARP One; “Everyone was saying we had to pass this…”

    We already have “limits” on paper and those aren’t being observed. I don’t see how anyone can believe that some new and shiny set of “limits” will fare any better. The only true limit is death or the threat of it.

    How many times have we scoffed at the notion of a “gun free zone” sign deterring a criminal? A constitutional limit is exactly the same as a “gun free zone” sign – that piece of paper or parchment isn’t going to magically stop anyone, and most especially it won’t stop anyone when there are trillions of dollars and near absolute power on the other side of that piece of paper.

  2. Looks like most of the students that were signing in the video were Chinese, and based on language and accent, likely exchange students. Heck, their government already executes gun owners – so this fake petition would be a shoulder-shrug for them, “What, they don’t already do that?”

    I’m sure you’d get similar results on the main Microsoft campus during lunchtime, unless members of the (now defunct?) MSGC caught up with you.

  3. Way back when, David Duke, the openly and offensive racist campaigned for Governor of Louisiana against Edwin Edwards, who was later convicted of corruption. I thought the commentary completely missed the point. In order to do the poisonous thing Duke does, he has to say things publicly. Edwards, on the other hand, needs to do things in secret to solicit and pay bribes, and he has demonstrated that he is capable of finding or making secrecy to do his evil. Duke didn’t know how to do things in secret.

    I was the only one who thought this way, so Louisiana got another term with a sneak-thief as governor rather than a racist clown.

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