Quote of the day—Stephen J. Solarz

Mr. speaker, we must take swift and strong action if we are to rescue the next generation from the rising of tide armed violence. That is why today I am introducing the Handgun Control Act of 1992. This legislation would outlaw the possession, importation, transfer or manufacture of a handgun except for use by public agencies, individuals who can demonstrate to their local police chief that they need a gun because of threat to their life or the life of a family member, licensed guard services, licensed pistol clubs which keep the weapons securely on premises, licensed manufacturers and licensed gun dealers.

The time has come for the Congress to place reasonable controls on handguns. I urge my colleagues to join me in supporting the Handgun Control Act of 1992.

Rep. Stephen J. Solarz, New York
August 12, 1992
Congressional Record, 102nd Congress, 1991-1992, Daily Edition, Pages E2492-2493.
[Those were dark days when “reasonable controls” were a ban on an entire class of firearm.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Stephen J. Solarz

  1. They haven’t given up. They’re just being … incremental.
    If they want mine, they will have to come and take them.
    But, of course, they won’t do it themselves. They will send
    paid thugs in body armor (and armored vehicles), with automatic
    weapons, who will first murder my dogs, then me, because that’s
    the ONLY way they’ll get them.
    As Mike Vanderboegh asks, how many of us are they willing to
    murder to achieve their goal of rendering the citizens slaves to the
    collectivist state?
    People need to be prepare to defend themselves … And their friends
    and neighbors … From the depredations of tyranny?

    • “They’re just being … incremental.”

      You mean “Progressive”.

      “…how many of us are they willing to
      murder to achieve their goal of rendering the citizens slaves to the
      collectivist state?”

      If history means anything, the answer is “tens of millions”. We’ve already seen it, over and over.

      The next question is; “What will it take to make them stop, and give up?”

      IF brute force is the method by which that is to be achieved, I point to the condition of Germany, and of Japan, in 1945. In Germany, the Allies had destroyed the national economy, wiped whole cities off the face of the Earth, the American were lobbing artillery into Berlin from one side while the Russians were coming in from the other side, the city was crumbling, and young boys and old men were on foot with Panzerfausts, fighting against huge forces having solid supply lines, experience and a steady line of successes against greater forces, and still the Germans did not give up. It wasn’t until the over-run of Hitler’s bunkers was imminent that they finally took the cyanide and shot themselves, still blaming their own people for the defeat.

      In Japan, the situation was at least as bad, plus two atomic bombs had vaporized two whole cities, Tokyo was a smoking ash pit, their navy was essentially gone, they had no more air forces, their people were starving, the Americans ruled the skies from operating bases well out of reach, and still the generals wanted to continue the fight. It took a near miracle to smuggle Hiro Hito’s surrender message recording out of the palace, away from the generals’ thugs who were determined to fight to the last Japanese citizen against the Emperor’s wishes.

      THIS is the picture of the lengths to which the committed socialist/imperialist zombies will go for their Earthly “gods”.

      It is a death cult.

      Tactically, the brute force option is very, very destructive on a global scale, and so, I think, we should be looking at ways to discredit and then de-program the zombies before we are forced to fight them through the use of arms.

      • It must be understood that, the worse things get as a result of authoritarian thinking, the stronger the denial of reality becomes.

        You enact some Progressive program that makes things worse, and you blame your opposition. It’s the only option. The worse it gets, the more you are forced to ramp up and secure your denial of reality, and so an entire civilization can be reduced to smoking ruins and rotting corpses, and the denial is at its strongest at that point. THAT’S the mechanism by which the death cult realizes its ultimate purpose.

  2. Depending on who you’re talking to, “reasonable controls” STILL includes bans of whole classes of firearms, bans on private transfers, bans on possession by anyone accused (i.e. not arrested, tried, or convicted) of anything anywhere (up to and including thinking impure thoughts), and confiscation-and-destruction of all “banned” items. They’d make us into the U.K., except without permitted shotguns, and they’d call it “reasonable” and “common sense.”

    As Carl notes above, they’re being “incremental.” I contend that the ONLY reason they’re being incremental is because they don’t have the votes to do a sweeping ban of any-and-all things, and they know it. Remember Dianne Feinstein’s quote from 1995:

    If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them . . . Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in, I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here.

    The leopard has not changed its spots. They realize they can’t get it all at once, and they can’t get it without a national tragedy, without blood to dance in – but their end goal has not changed one bit.

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