6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mailin Wong

  1. Since gunnies themselves label things “gun porn,” why are you picking on her? Or are you planning to put Say Uncle up here next week?

    • I can’t speak for everyone but for me “gun porn” does not have a sexual component. Gun “porn” is well done pictures of guns, cleaned, and positioned in flattering light. It only “arouses” my interest in the gun from a perspective of functionality, history, or technology.

      For Wong to believe that gun owners in general get sexually aroused by looking at guns is a very warped view of reality and deserves to be mocked.

  2. How wong can one person get? Sorry, ad hominem remark, but my dweeb-hunting license says this tactic is aprooved during dweeb season.

  3. So Joe: I propose that you offer to host a donation drive to help her reach her expressed goal of moving to another country. I can pop for a few bucks.

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