4 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. Huh? I’ve got friends with and without guns. What does the Second Amendment have to do with friends? I don’t pick friends by asking what Amendments they believe in, do you? (Okay, maybe you do.)

    • I have friends with and without guns too.

      I was referring to people that avoid people who own guns and don’t allow their children to visit homes that own guns.

      Many of these same people claim that anyone that owns a gun “must be compensating for something”.

  2. “I find it odd…”

    I don’t, and I don’t think you really do either.
    It is far from odd that someone as mentally hog-tied as to deny a basic human right would have other disturbing quirks to go along with it.

    A deadly disease often has multiple and progressive symptoms or manifestations.

    Once you’ve defined the mindset, and from whence it comes and where it leads (i.e. you have diagnosed the disease), this petty gun = penis assertion though relatively mild in and of itself is, as an indication of the disease, horrifying in its broader and long-term implications.

    Remember the hypnosis video wherein the subject was willing to defend his insane behavior no matter what? Yeah. They’ll do ANYTHING to hang on to the suggestion, and they’ll believe all along that they’re coming up with these super “clever” ideas all on their own; “Tee hee, ho ho, hah hah– Look at the stupid dirty Jews (teapartiers, et al) die! Ain’t it just a real knee-slapper..”

  3. You’re doing a good job of turning their slanders back on them, much like Highway does to the bar owner in “Heartbreak Ridge”.

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