13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dan Centofanti

  1. I saw an advertisement in the paper last week that made me think of you. It was for “Gun Oil” which is a male personal lubricant. 😉

    • I’m familiar with it.

      The woman that wanted me to be her second “husband” after I filed for separation with my wife showed it to me.

      • I consider that to be in the same category as soap-on-a-rope.
        They don’t make soap-on-a-rope for women.

  2. To Dan Centofanti, and to much of popular culture, it’s all about pleasure seeking, with sex being a main focus. Virtually all popular music is of that general theme for example, and movies– Emotional excitement with sex (and ego) as focal points.

    We like to think of ourselves as rational– Connect those dots from our 20th century history and into the future. Is anyone else reminded of the Fall of Rome?

  3. What does lugging the spare tire around in my car say about me, then? Or that fire extinguisher in the kitchen?

      • Why don’t you just put your spare tire in the trunk? It seems kind of dumb to lug it around when cars typically have a place to put them.

        • Space-saver spare tires are good for 50 miles at no more than 50 miles per hour. When I drive where I’m more than 100 miles from a tire shop, never mind home, that is a recipe for disaster. And real spare tires don’t fit in the compartment that well, if at all.

        • “. . . lugging the spare tire around _in_my_car_. . . ”

          Reading comprehension.

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