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We hope the outcome of Tuesday’s recall elections closes an ugly chapter in Colorado’s political history, an instance when recalls were used against elected officials not for malfeasance or corruption in office but for simply voting their consciences.

The Denver Post Editorial Board
September 10, 2013
Time to move past Colorado recall elections
[“Simply voting their consciences?” Would they be saying the same thing if the lawmaker in question had come out of the closet as a KKK member and had helped passed laws which forbid mixed race marriages? How about “simply voting their consciences” to reinstate slavery? Or outlawing all non-Christian religion? Or outlawing books having more than 150 pages?

It is an ugly chapter in Colorado’s political history but not for the reason they believe. It’s ugly because bigotry and prejudice is a terrible thing regardless of the people being targeted.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—The Denver Post Editorial Board

  1. The Editorial Boards are always the last to wise up because their egos can’t accept what ther archives are shouting: “You lied, and the Readers saw through the lies.”

  2. Voting their consciences is fine by me.

    Actions have consequences.

    And when those actions amount to the unjust abrogation of their constituents rights and a violation of the oaths they took when they took office… well, being fired might be the least-bad consequence of them all.

  3. Elected officials are elected to serve those who elected them. The officials are to vote the consciences of their constituents, not their own. Their electors did not like the way the officials voted strongly enough to cast another vote. Officials are official no longer. This is Democracy in action. Quit whining, libs.

  4. What?! Breaking the law (i.e., the Constitution) isn’t malfesant enough? Isn’t betrayal enough? Or is it that being removed from office is not enough?


    • Oh, you silly, simple-minded, rigid constitutionalists. Don’t you know Hope and Change, and Fundamental Transformation when you see it?

      Yeah; the difference between “malfeasance or corruption in office” and “simply voting your conscience” depends on your principles and goals, doesn’t it? If you’re a believer in the American Founding Principles you’ll see it one way, while a communist or jihadist will see it the other way.

      • “silly, simple-minded, rigid constitutionalist”.
        “Evil” should be shoe-horned in there somewhere, as they believe that to resist evil is more evil.
        I prefer to think of myself as a “contratualist”. The very same people who attribute evil motive to everyone who says “no” their latest Leftist proposal for paradise on earth would raise ever greater hell if the contracts for their mortgages were modified by judges and without their consent with their rights and protections eliminated just as their Constitutional protections have been worn away, and in some instances ruled completely out of existence.

        • Windy; careful what you use as a joke today. It could be tomorrow’s reality. They’ve already tested the waters, over in Europe. in regard to reaching into people’s bank accounts and simply taking money, and they’ve been setting us up here to make such a thing possible.

          Contract schmontract– that’s a corporate concept anyway. If you don’t have the right to determine your own path in life, free from government molestation, if you don’t have the right to own your own land without paying rent to the government, why on Earth should you have the right to enter some stupid contractual agreement and expect to have it honored? What about the starving children? What about the obese children? What about the health of the planet? What about proper resource allocation? What about collective salvation?

          You’re just a backward-minded, patriarchal, colonial hater and an incipient terrorist gumming up the works for your own profit. There’s no room for you and your kind.

          My point is that with some people at least, there is no reasoning with them. They are fully mesmerized.

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  6. I’d rather have ’em vote their coldly rational *intelligence* than their fuzzy-wuzzy *conscience.* But all we can do, really, is vote ’em in — and vote ’em right back out when they screw up, cheat or break the law (without being charged. Oh happy day, when a legislator is in the dock). Colorado worked just like it otta.

  7. You’ll notice that none of them want any mention of Morse saying outright he was ignoring e-mails and letters and refusing to take calls from the voters. AND telling other Democrats to do the same.

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