12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jose Soto

  1. And they call us closed-minded bigots who fall for crude stereotyping, try to force our opinions and ways of life on other people, and are unwilling to see other people’s points of view.

    It’s all one way of course. We are supposed to be open to the communists’ point of view, and we are supposed to be tolerant of them, but never the other way around. Because we suck and we should die. Communists have a monopoly on compassion.

  2. Also don’t those penis pumps simply stretch and often rupture the erectile bodies in the penis making the overall member longer at rest but soft a Mitt Romney’s Spine overall?

  3. Penis pumps cost less than quality firearms (or even cheap firearms like a Hi-Point). Ergo, turning one in to get a penis pump is no motivator for a firearm owner. Now maybe if I could trade in a firearm for something of greater value, say the firearm’s mass in a precious metal, silver is fine, I’m not greedy, then we can talk. A solidly used and worn out 1911 should be worth about a pound and a half of silver bullion.

  4. Every one of my ”arsenal” of firearms, many older than I, reliably goes “Bang!” when I want it to. Would this chump’s penis pump make my pecker do the same at it’s age of 70?

    Didn’t think so, next case please.

  5. With his fanatical fixation on other men’s genitals, Mr. Soto should be a natural to play the part of Nacho, the star of “Ow! My Balls” in the movie Idiocracy if a parody (if that is even possible) of Idiocracy ever comes to equity waiver theaters near his home.

  6. Windy, I don’t know what an “equity waiver” theater is, but we have a few “lily waver” theaters in Portland’s gay district.

    • “Equity Waiver” refers to theaters of smaller size (generally fewer than 100 seats (99 max) where less popular, more experimental and downright weird plays are performed. Because of the limited number of seats Actor’s Equity, the union, waives the requirement that the actors be paid scale. Tickets are cheap(er), too.

      • And yes, I would pay money to see him perform as Hormel Chavez in “Idiocracy.”

  7. Mr Soto what will you be willing to turn in, in exchange for a functioning braincell ? You are clearly in desperate need of at least one.

  8. I guess we missed the racist component to the quote. In using the term “rednecks” it appears Soto believes that only simple white people own guns. So all those who care about preserving liberty are simple-minded white men with sexual dysfunction. Got it.

    And we’rebigots.

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