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  2. It’s also a non sequiter, because sane don’t do stupid things like “compensate” with a sports car, they see and accept reality as it is, or else take an action that will actually address the problem. The fact that BackgroundNo15e thinks that addressing a perceived penis-problem by buying a sports car is sane is a good indicator that s/he ISN’T.

    • Indeed. I’d wager that the average guy with average gun handling skills is a damn site less of a danger to his community than an average guy with no professional driving education, piloting a 500+ hp car down the nation’s byways.

      • No need to wager– We already know it’s true, and overwhelmingly so, but the main point is that while there is a specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms, automotive transport is only a general sort of right.

        Now we could have a vibrant discussion on the subject of roads, how the government has taken over the building and maintaining of them, and how government then uses this take-over as justification for licensing and rule-making for the use thereof.

        Maybe we could also have a conversation about how those in government may be “compensating for something” by way of their incessant quest for confiscated wealth, power and notoriety.

  3. I would say they did, by taking the “or something” option you mentioned.
    Also I assume you are implying all military snipers have small penises?
    Don’t even want to think what this line of reasoning (?) implies for those who use artillery and ICBM missiles……..

  4. Sure enough; sane guys with small dicks (or other possible shortcomings) don’t feel any need to compenasate. On the flip side, those who are insane are going to go along with fake stereotypes perpetrated in media, as though they are zombies.

  5. Why can’t they compensate like Liberals with no dicks and blame it on Bush.

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