Quote of the day—Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

There can be no doubt after the Not Guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman that murder has now been legalized in half of the 50 states.

The acquittal of George Zimmerman is confirmation that the American promise of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” will continue to be squandered until the NRA’s pernicious stranglehold on our legislatures is broken. Lawmakers in states with “Stand Your Ground” laws should immediately repeal these cancerous blights on American values, law and tradition.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
July 14, 2014
[It’s no wonder CSGV is irrelevant and fading away.

A jury found Zimmerman not guilty of both murder and the lesser charge of manslaughter. Yet CSGV, without the benefit of seeing all the evidence and testimony seen by the jury, is convinced he committed murder. A jury that took only 16.5 hours of deliberation to reach that conclusion. It was no surprise to nearly all the trial observers. The evidence clearly supported the conclusion that the shooting was in self-defense.

The wild claim of murder is the same as that by other anti gun people who claimed the Boston Marathon terrorist shooting at the police, and shortly thereafter shot by the police, was a “gun violence victim.” Apparently these people live in a world where everyone shot and killed are murder victims. The only thing that could make it more clear is if they declared Gary Gilmore a “gun violence victim.”*

Their world and reality only intersect to the extent that we can sometimes understand the words, but not the substance, of what they are trying to say.—Joe]

*Someone should ask Joan Peterson about this.


13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

  1. What is a real Tragedy is the fact that the “Stand Your Ground Defense” is ONLY Valid in half the Republic.

    And I’m SURE that the Anti-Freedom Coalition will be doing their best to try and prevent the “Right to LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” from spreading.

  2. Not only that, but Zimmerman’s defense didn’t even rely on Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. He claimed straight self defense. I’m pretty sure that no-where in the country does a person have a duty to retreat if someone is on top of them smacking their head into the ground.

  3. In the USA, probably not. Then again, the victim disarmament crowd clearly wants to outlaw self defense — what other possible reason do they have for disarming people?
    In much of the rest of the world, self defense is already illegal.

  4. *Someone should ask Joan Peterson about this.

    Someone with a strong stomach for bullshit.

  5. Murder was legalized upon the very first sanctioned abortion. Screw the CSGV and all like them. Screw them sideways. With a rusty crowbar.

  6. The “duty to retreat if someone is on top of them smacking their head into the ground” is the obligation to die, as you don’t have the same value to society as the person doing the bashing, because YOU won’t induce others to ask the government for a police state.

    He was supposed to respond in a measured, considered manner, proportional and commensurate to the force being used against him. If you aren’t big and buff, you’d better get that way.

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  8. Pers Morgan said any woman who bought an AR obviously wanted to murder her attackers.

    Evidently gun grabbers don’t understand basic English.

  9. Verbal Judo time:

    Better figure out which States those “legal murder” ones are, real quick-like, CSGV, because if it’s legal, YOU need to be in overdrive about now, pedal to the metal to get out of them. In denying MY right to self-defense, YOU have to realize that I don’t let my enemies sneak up on me, I take them out first, and YOU say that would now be legal. Can you run faster than 3,000 ft/sec or hide smaller than 1/2 MOA? Didn’t think so. Zip your lip, then, don’t be the nail that sticks up and hope that my scan for enemy doesn’t find you.

    • Therein lies the irony, sir. They cannot comprehend that they themselves might become victims. ‘Always the hero, never the target’.

  10. Let’s be clear on exactly what it is we’re up against. In short; “Liberty is a cancerous blight.” The NRA doesn’t even figure into it once you’ve you distilled the quote down to its basic premise. Nor does the second amendment, per se.

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