13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Lalo Alcaraz

  1. How about, a legislative session in Congress, where, instead of them passing new and extra-constitutional laws, we issue them all with Viagra for every law they repeal?

  2. The anti-gunners really seem to be fixated on male genitalia.

      • For Freudians, everything is about sex. Men get drafted and are sent to far off places where people shoot at them? They go because they want to, and they have sexual issues and want to live with other men under dirty and diseased conditions with people shooting at them. Food is about feces, art is about feces, it is some how liberating for every adjective and adverb to be either misapplied scatalogic or sexual terms, As I’ve said before, it is obvious how repressed Freud and psychologists are to come up with this $4!t theory.

        • I’m waiting for a news report where one of these tools (sorry) whips it out when confronted with a mugger. I mean, if they can’t distinguish a weapon from a willie, anything could happen.

          BTW, how do you pronounce “$4!t”?

          • how do you pronounce “$4!t”?

            Just add your favorite scatalogical appellation. I pronounce it “Schumer.” Rhymes with “Tumor.”

      • Like Gunny Highway said to the bar owner in “Heartbreak Ridge” — “Why not? You said it was your preference.”

  3. Kinda makes me uncomfortable how fixated these anonymous strangers are with my genitalia. Also, kinda confusing. So, are the po-po buying guns, selling enlargements, or just satisfying the need for a good TSA-esque grope-n-ogle?

    • “Buy-back” sounds a bit like “Bobbitt”, so I think they are confused, and think they can emasculate people with them… Not sure how they wrap their “minds” around females turning a gun in, but in their twisted little universe, anything is possible, I suspect.

  4. Actually, a broken Jennings for a 10″ schlong sounds like a pretty tempting offer…

    • Enough enlargements and the member might then be big enough to actually beat Lalo Alcaraz to the point of doing serious injury.
      Then what would he complain about? Penises (Penii?) as Penis substitutes? His own shortcomings in the potty department? How it was unfair that he got whipped by someone who used to have a gun that would never have been used but for his fixation with other men’s genitals? The mind . . . wants some mind bleach.

  5. How about a Progressive buyback program where they give out functioning brains

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