Quote of the day—Ralph Fascitelli

The overwhelming research shows that buybacks generally don’t work well and are a waste of resources and are mocked by the NRA.

Ralph Fascitelli
Washington CeaseFire President
January 2013
McGinn’s office ignored leading gun control group in buyback effort
[There you have it. A gun control group admits what we have been saying for years. Gun “buybacks” are a waste. And “overwhelming research” supports this conclusion.

H/T to Ry.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ralph Fascitelli

  1. The “buy back” part always bugs me. how do you buy back something you’ve never owned? Are they saying that all property is inherently owned by the state or what?

    • Me too. That is why I almost always put it in quotes.

      But I know people who are of the opinion that “You didn’t do that by yourself” therefore you don’t have a right to own property, only have partial control of it until “society” wants someone else to possess it.

  2. Where do you find an outfit that specializes in those particular styles and types of research that are overwhelming? This is a new field, of which I had been previously unaware. No doubt it will be very lucrative.

    On a more serious note; we have them. The very instant The Enemy begins worrying about how they are perceived by the NRA they have lost. It’s like flipping a switch. It’s binary. Someone needs to explain this simple concept to the Republicans.

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