Gun Song- Julie Brown – Homecoming Queen’s got a gun

Interesting how the media and some of the other things are portrayed.


3 thoughts on “Gun Song- Julie Brown – Homecoming Queen’s got a gun

  1. Heh…I remember this one from the Doctor Demento show when I was a kid. Begged my parents for a radio with a tape deck on it specifically so I could tune in to the nearest Westward One radio network station and record this show on Saturday nights.

    With the right weather conditions, I could also pick up the Irish Hour at Georgia Tech, about a four-hour drive north. All of our local stations were crap, either country or southern Gospel, with one rock station (where my dial camped out during the week) and a handful of rap/hip-hop. I had such a rough childhood. LOL

  2. Ah, Cliché. I remember when that was a big hit, at least on our U of I college station, which cranked out 50 Watts FM. The B-52s had some clever tunes back then too, as did Devo and several others.

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