On the NRA’s political power

The anti-rights movement frequently complains about the NRA’s political clout, such as it is. I think they over-state it, but the point is; those who complain about it are the ones who created it, as I so elequently put it over at Oleg’s place;

“You know that [firearms handling safety and marksmanship training for regular citizens] is exactly the reason why the NRA was founded, right? We tend to think of them as a civil rights advocacy group, but their original charter is all about firearms training and shooting matches…

“It wasn’t until the second amendment came under fire from the Marxists that the NRA was forced into political advocacy, and so for those who complain about their considerable political clout; Fuck you. It’s your fault. You anti libertarians started it. We didn’t ask for this shit. As soon as you quit it, and quit it for sure and for good, the NRA can get out of politics and go back to being purely a training and shooting match sponsoring organization.”

So next time you hear anyone complain about the NRA’s influence in politics, hit ’em with the truth– The leftists and their ilk started it, not us. Same goes for any pro liberty advocacy anyone doesn’t like– If liberty weren’t under attack we wouldn’t have to organize and defend it. See? We could just mind our business. It’s very simple. Stop your evil ways and we won’t be forced to get up in your face advocating for good.


8 thoughts on “On the NRA’s political power

  1. Man….using Facts is sorta like nuking the site from orbit. Its the only way to make sure [the truth actually gets out].

    • Except most on the left have tin-foil hats that protect them from the hard radiation of truth.

      • Larry Elder says that Facts are like Kryptonite to Leftists, but I think they are more like Neutrinos. Massless, chargeless particles that pass through without disturbing so much as an electron

        • Particle physics jokes. Gotta love it.

          I like to think of it more like shining the light on cockroaches, whereupon they scurry into the woodwork.

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  3. “So next time you hear anyone complain about the NRA’s influence in politics…”

    What I say is “I’m sorry but I think you are confusing the NRA with the NEA. The NEA used to be all about teaching and education but today it only serves to get more Democrats elected.”

  4. The left endlessly whines about the right being focused on nothing but “God, guns, and gays”. What they don’t realize is that the right is (at least at this point in time) playing defense. That a high school senior said a prayer during his graduation speech wouldn’t be news if they left wasn’t trying to ban that very act. That a woman declined to photograph a wedding wouldn’t be news if it weren’t a gay wedding and they sued her.

    And, as you said, the NRA wouldn’t be a lobbying force if they hadn’t started the fight.

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